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Sassenach trot in hand 1

Sassenach conf

Sassenach trot u-s 1

Sassenach canter u-s 1

Sassenach trot in hand 2

Sassenach trot u-s 2

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Sassenach canter u-s 2

Sassenach July 2023

Sassenach 1
Special Premium Candidate Sassenach  
Oldenburg Filly  
sire   Secret      
dam   Elite Fhlora Fuerst Heinrich/Velton Third
Color: Black   Date of Birth:   May 4 2020

Suitability: Dressage
Video: Yes    Markings:  star, snip, lower lip spot; LF coronet; RF pastern; 
Breeder: Rebecca Arnold Owner: Maurine Swanson

Beautiful filly out of one of my former mares. Inspection score of 9.0!

I bought her from Rebecca, and we will see where this lovely filly ends up for us. 

For Sale

Inspection Comments

Sassenach went to a schooling dressage show at the Horse Park of NJ on January 27, 2024. It was her first ever dressage schooling show, first time in a dressage ring, 2nd time ever off property, first time being ridden in warm up with other horses, She received a 70% and a 75.192% in Intro C and training 1, respectively. Sassenach was a little unsure of herself, but the good stuff was spectacular. The judge loved her. She was well behaved loading, unloading and standing on the trailer while the other horse was ridden. Jocelyn Kraenzle did a super job riding these two so they would have a good experience.

Sassanach was presented to the German
Oldenburg Verband on August 17, 2023, where she scored and overall 9.0 for her mare inspection. She also did the Mare Performance Test. She was the high scoring mare for both inspection and mare performance Test, receiving 9's on free canter
and canter under saddle, and 8.5's on free walk, free trot, walk under saddle, trot under saddle, and rideability. Her total score was 8.65 and she received the Special Premium Candidate title.
New video:


10-19-23 (still butt high...)

Video from September:

Still green, still learning. Many WOW moments.

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