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Francesca at her first horse show

Francesca- conf with RSF group

Francesca- free jump

Francesca- conf with ribbon

Francesca- trot u/s 1

Francesca- trot u/s 2

Francesca- trot in hand

Francesca- canter u/s 1

Francesca- walk in hand

Francesca- trot u/s 3
EM Francesca B  
Hanoverian Mare  
sire   Fabuleux      
dam   Donna Schufro Don Schufro
Color: Dark Brown   Date of Birth:   May 11 2007


Suitability: Dressage, Hunter
Video: Yes    Markings:   
Breeder: Barbara Schmidt Owner: Maurine Swanson

A new Elite Mare with a really high MPT score of 7.81 (5th highest in the nation 2013)

Francesca came to me in a rather round about way.  

Her owner was having a hard time riding her big gaits. She came to RSF with a friend and we found the perfect smaller partner for her- Shady Lady. We had from the beginning of June until the end of July to get her ready for the Hanoverian Mare Performance test. Cara and Danielle did an awesome job. She received an inspection score of 7.14 and a MPT score of 7.81. This score placed her 5th highest of all of the mares performance tested by the AHS in 2013! Scores included a 9 for forlegs, 8's for head, neck, walk, canter, rideability, and jumping ability. She is really super to ride with very good gaits that keep developing as she gets stronger behind. She received the Elite Mare title, since she had a foal already. Breed her or show her- she will bring you success!

SOLD! Congratulations to Carrie and Michael O'Keefe of PA!

Inspection Comments

Francesca LOVES to jump! She can be your next dressage horse, your next jumper prospect or your next broodmare with her superb breeding.

New video from 11-1-13:
Watch the video to hear the scores:

Owner Comments

I love all the babies I saw on Facebook Enjoy the season Mo. I've gotten many compliments on Fran and I always refer to your amazing barn you run up there! Francesca went to her first horse show at Nona Garson's The Ridge and she did not look at one jump- so brave! Just level 0 (2'9") but she schooled level 1 much better. We will probably put her in 3'6" by the end of summer. I had many inquiries where I bought her.

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