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Lhuminous Oct 3 2017

Lhuminous insp trot 1

Lhuminous insp conf

Lhuminous insp trot 2

Lhuminous insp trot 3

Lhuminous insp trot 4

5-6-14 (1)

5-6-14 (2)

Lhuminous- one day old

Lhuminous- one hour old
Verband Premium Lhuminous  
Oldenburg Filly  
sire   Licotus      
dam   EM Rhussia Rotspon/Armin
Color: Bay   Date of Birth:   April 22 2014

Suitability: Dressage, Hunter
Video: Yes    Markings:  star, snip, LF, LH, RH socks 
Breeder: Owner:

OOOOOH! We like this one! Named PREMIUM at her foal inspection! Now under saddle

She looks a lot like her half brother, Dheputy. Super rideable with three good gaits and a volunteer attitude. An amateur rider's dream horse. 

Another beauty by the Grand Prix dressage stallion, Likotus (Likoto xx/Donnerhall) this time out of one of my best producing mares. EM Rhussia has produced TWO (!!!) licensed stallion sons.

SOLD! Congratulations Elise of VT!

Lhuminous is much loved by her owner and trainer: Video from end of year 2019:
Lhuminous is medium sized, and a pleasure to deal with, plus she is super rideable with three good gaits and a volunteer attitude. An amateur rider's dream horse. She did the GOV Mare Performance Test on Oct 21, 2017, where she was awarded the Verband Premium title because of her good scores .

Owner Comments

Mo, Lhumi is just great. She has settled into stall and turnout quietly (thankfully, because it's really wet here), and is so easy to handle. I particularly love her inquisitive nature. Today she and Joy went out for an under saddle ride and were joined in the indoor by someone jumping! No issues when a cantering horse leaping things suddenly appeared from any angle. She is an old soul. I went to find her in her rainy paddock yesterday to see a dark bay horse with bright eyes, bright star, and black/yellow blanket cheerfully check me out and whinny - exactly the same experience I had with my retired 22 yo mare an hour later at a different barn. Eerie!

Thank you so much. We will be taking her to June GMHA for some experience and maybe a Training test on Sunday with Joy if all seems well, will video for you if that all works out and certainly keep you posted as we adventure through the summer.


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