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Shierra Madre MPT trot free 1

Shierra Madre MPT conf

Shierra Madre MPT trot free 2

Shierra Madre MPT trot under saddle

Shierra Madre MPT canter under saddle

Shierra Madre MPT jump

Shierra trot u-s

S 12 trot

S 6 conf

S 4 head from behind
Verband Premium Shierra Madre  
Oldenburg Mare  
sire   Sir Wanabi      
dam   EM Acapella Arrian/Pablo
Color: Dark Brown   Date of Birth:   April 15 2010


Suitability: Dressage, Hunter
Video: Yes    Markings:  small star, LH coronary band 
Breeder: Owner:

OMG, what a beauty! Another Premium foal for RSF and now a Verband Premium mare after successfully completing the GOV inspection and MPT!


Wow! is all I can say....This is an exquisite filly with a placid disposition and very good movement. Foaling report: Whest Indies foal was born at 2:30 am. At 4 am I was taking a shower and off to the Eastern Shore of MD so I could watch John ride Shakespeare and Fhitzgerald in the second and third days of a Conrad Schumaker clinic. I had already missed the first day. Jim had confidence in his midwife skills and Acapella (Bambi) is an experienced mom. While I was on my way to MD, Jim called to report the birth of this exquisitely beautiful filly. She has a dished face and is of medium height. Photos and movement report to come.

SOLD! Congratulations to Ann Vanderveen of MD!

Inspection and Show Results

Shierra has been nothing but an absolutely wonderful horse to ride and to handle. At the Maplewood Warmbloods Dressage Breed Show I & II, she was a star. At show I on July 31, 2014, Dina Babcock judge, she won the 4 y.o. and older Maiden and Yeld Mares class with an 80.450%. Then she was named RESERVE CHAMPION MARE and RESERVE CHAMPION MATURE HORSE. She also placed 2nd in the Mare Materiale with a 78.5%. At show II on August 1, 2014, judged by Anne Gribbons, she was 2nd in the 4 y.o. and older Maiden and Yeld Mares class with a 76.150%, then was named CHAMPION MARE and RESERVE CHAMPION MATURE HORSE. Here's a recent video taken in November on a c-c-c-cold day :

Sept. 2014: Shierra was originally on my future broodmare list, but she is such a good hunter mover or dressage prospect, I decided to offer for sale. She is a half sister to Shakespeare RSF. At her mare inspection she received a 9 for her head, and 8's for breed and sex type, walk, and neck. In the MPT, she received 7.5 for free trot, walk under saddle, and rideability, and 7's for everything else. She was awarded the title of Verbands Premium by the German Oldenburg Breeding Director, Katrin Burger.

Owner Comments

Hello, Maddie has been at her new home for 2 + weeks now. She loves her stall with the back window. She's now in a small grass pasture next to my hopefully pregnant Hanoverian, but she likes the 2 geldings on the other side of her better! One of the geldins is my 28 yr TB and he likes Maddie too. Our riding is progressing. She's getting better about standing still in the cross ties. I have her in a KK snaffle.....longe her first with side reins, then ride. We had to work on standing still at the mounting block....sugar works great for her. The farrier came and thought she had great bare feet. My trainer is back in town this weekend. I'm giving her vaccines one at a time and she is not needle phobic! Good girl Maddie. She did accidentally touch the electric ribbon with her nose the other day....not sure if you had electric or not. She was surprised! Everyone thinks she is very sweet and Very pretty. Me too! More pictures later! Hope all is well with you and the newborns! Ann

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