Rolling Stone Farm I more show updates- Sept 2020
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Shiraz RSF

more show updates- Sept 2020  
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Show Results

Shiraz RSF and Ehlliot went to a schooling dressage show last Saturday, September 12, 2020. No lunging for Shiraz, just a few spins around for Ehlliot. Both loaded, unloaded and stood on the trailer quietly while the other horse was ridden. Neither horse had been in a ring with other horses, so the warmup ring was a real eye opener. Shiraz RSF: Training level test 1 64.808% with a few baby bobbles and a tough judge-2nd place. Training level test 2 70.862% (8 on gaits), 2nd place to a second level 7 year old that dropped down to show. Ehlliot: Training level test 1- 66.346%, first place. Training level test 2- 68.448%, third place behind Shiraz and the second level horse. Good boys and once again, super riding by Jocelyn!

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