Rolling Stone Farm I EM Wyneth L sadly offered for sale- SOLD!
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EM Wyneth L
EM Wyneth L sadly offered for sale- SOLD!  
Hanoverian Mare  
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SOLD! Congratulations, Pam of CA!

EM Wyneth L (Widmark/Davignon) Highest quality 2004 Hanoverian mare. Sadly OFFERED FOR SALE $10,000

I purchased EM Wyneth L as a foal in 2004 after she was named top foal at the American Hanoverian Society foal inspection at Hilton Farm in VA. In 2007, I took her by myself to a USDF Dressage Sport Horse breed show at Stone Tavern. It was held at the NJ Horse Park on August 30. Wyneth was a good girl, behaving remarkably well for her first time off the property. She won her three year old fillies class, and then won the Hanoverian class. At the Hedgeland Hanoverian inspection on September 15th, 2007, she received a 7.67 on her inspection, winning the high score Hanoverian neck sash. Then the following day, she received a 7.94 on her mare performance test, winning the MAHB silver cup trophy and the neck sash for high score MPT. At the end of 2007, EMC Wyneth L was the recipient of the Dr. Walter Hartwig Prize, given by the American Hanoverian Society to the highest scoring three or four year old American bred mare combining MPT score with inspection score- quite an achievement and honor!!!

With the birth of her first foal, Shnickers, Wyneth L became an Elite Mare. EM Wyneth L has been one of my top producers. I have kept a daughter, Special Premium Qhuiver, to replace her in my reduced numbers broodmare band, or she would not be for sale. SHE IS DAM TO A FULLY LICENSED, 70 day tested AND APPROVED STALLION, SHORTSTOP, who sadly had a severe pasture injury that required euthanasia in 2018.

Her foals:

2008- Shnickers by Sinatra Song: In 2011, she tied for fourth place at the GOV Mare Performance Test with a 7.61, receiving 8.5 for trot under saddle and 8's for free trot and free canter. She was not eligible for a premium since she is Hanoverian, so the tie was broken in favor of the Oldenburg mare. The Oldenburg mare with the same score received Special Premium title. Since sold and has been a successful broodmare, producing 4 Premium Foal awards out of 4 foals presented to the GOV.

2009- Special Premium Qhuiver by Quaterback: Premium and Foal of Distinction. Grand Champion at two Dressage Sporthorse Breed shows in 2012 (scoring 84.9% and 79.1% in Materiale). Then named Filly Champion, Reserve Champion Young Horse, and Young Dressage Prospect Champion at Dressage at Devon 2012 scoring 81.4% in hand and 75.9% in materiale)! She didnít go to enough shows to be considered for USDF Year End Awards. On her GOV MPT in 2012 she was named Overall Champion and had a score of 7.63 on the MPT with 8.5's for free trot, trot under saddle and rideability from the guest test rider. She also received 8.0's for free canter and canter under saddle, all after just a short time under saddle. She was named a Special Premium Candidate at that time. In 2013, she was shown at breed shows where she was reserve mare champion and reserve mature horse champion (79.8%). She was 7th nationally in USDF DSHB for 4 y.o. and older maiden and yeld mares, and 5th for the GOV All Breeds. She has since been one of my most successful broodmares. She is dam of 3 living foals, all receiving the title of Premium Foal, with two being named Foals of Distinction and one named a stallion prospect.

2010- Special Premium Candidate Shabrina by Shakespeare RSF: Premium Foal. She did the Mare Performance Test at our farm in October 2013 where she received very good scores including 8 for the trot under saddle, and 7.5's for free trot, canter under saddle and rideability. She was awarded the title of Special Premium Candidate based on her MPT and inspection scores.

She has been very successful at Dressage Sporthorse Breed Shows: At VADA/NOVA Summer Dressage Breed Show at Morven Park June 6th, 2014, Shabrina won her 4 year old and older Maiden mares class (80.450%), the MARE CHAMPIONSHIP and RESERVE GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP. She also won the 3,4,5 year old Mare Materiale class with an 81.1%. Shabrina placed 2nd (79.6%) in the GOV Individual Breed Class with our own Dheputy placing 1st.

Dressage at Stone Tavern II August 31, 2014:

Shabrina placed 1st in Maiden and yeld mares 4 y.o. and older 82.5%, then was named MARE CHAMPION, MATURE HORSE CHAMPION, and RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION!! Shabrina was also 2nd in the Materiale with a 74.7%.

At Dressage at Devon, September, 2014, Shabrina was 4th 80.45% in the Four Year Old and Older Maiden Mares (the largest class of the show with 24 entries), then a very tired Shabrina was 9th in the GAIG/USDF Mare Final and 8th in a class of 16 entries in the 4 year Old and Older Mare Materiale.

In 2016, she ended up in 3rd place for the USDF Year End standings for Four Year Old and Older Maiden and Yeld Mares with 80.150%. She was Champion in that division for GOV USDF All Breeds Awards. Her breed show results included: Maplewood Warmbloods I- Mare Champion (85.45%), Mature Horse Champion, Reserve Grand Champion. Maplewood Warmbloods II- Mare Champion (80.15%), Mature Horse Champion. Region 8 GAIG/USDF mare Championship- third.

Now showing and winning at third level, she is such a forward, big mover she has yet to find her person. The changes are now confirmed and she has even offered tempis down to twos. All of the lateral movements are good. She is sensitive and requires a tactful ride, so she is not for an untrained rider, but we feel she will have the high collection of passage and piaffe and we feel she will perform brilliantly to the top levels with a skilled rider.

2011- Shopper by Shakespeare RSF: Premium Foal and Foal of Distinction. Shopper was named the 2014 GOV All Breeds Champion for Three Year Old Colts and Geldings with a score of 80.0%. He was also ranked 3rd Nationally for the USDF in this category. At the Maplewood Warmbloods Dressage Breeding Show 1 & 2 in 2014, he received an 80% score on both days and was named Show Grand Champion on the second day. He was sold to an ambitious amateur dressage rider.

2012- Shortstop by Shakespeare RSF: Premium Foal and Foal of Distinction. Shortstop was licensed by the German Oldenburg Verband (GOV) in August 2015 after a successful show season in hand at breed shows where he was Colt/ Gelding Champion twice, Young Horse Champion once, Reserve Young Horse Champion once, Grand Champion once (84.775%) and Reserve Grand Champion once. He was the 2015 Reserve Champion USDF Horse of the Year for 3 year old colts and geldings (79.9%) and

2015 Champion Horse of the Year for USDF All Breeds Award for the GOV. Three year old Shortstop was sent to the 70 day stallion test in autumn 2015 in Oklahoma at the last minute, with very little preparation, one week before the test started because I was informed that this would be their last time running the test. He had been out of work because of a jaw injury and was just coming back to work when I sent him.

His scores from the stallion test include 9.5 for character and temperament, 8.5 gallop on cross country, 8.25 canter, walk and rideability, 8.0 free jumping and 7.5 for trot. His dressage index was 101.38 (6th place) his jumping index was 99.67 (5th place) and overall 100.65 (7th out of 14 stallions)- not bad for a green broke, out of shape 3 year old!

It was a sad day at Rolling Stone Farm on July 25, 2017, when I made the difficult decision to euthanize Shortstop after a pasture accident a week before. There was no chance of recovery and he was in so much pain, it was the right thing to do. He had been back in the show ring in 2017, and doing super- At Dressage at Stone Tavern I, he won his class, won the stallion championship, won the mature horse championship and was grand champion with an 83.6%. At Dressage in the Park, he won his class, won the stallion championship, won mature horse championship, and was reserve grand champion with a 75.65%. He also won his material class with a 76.4%. I had planned on taking him to Dressage at Devon to contest the GAIG/USDF Stallion Championship, which he had qualified for twice already. He was going really well under saddle at the time of his accident. Rest in peace, my sweet boy....

2014- Verband Premium Shading by Shakespeare RSF: Premium Foal and Foal of Distinction. She was sold to an adult amateur rider as a yearling. Shading was named Verband Premium at our GOV Mare Performance Test in Oct. 2018, ridden by her amateur owner, who has done all the training herself. She showed quite a bit in 2018, showing in training level, material and first level. Shading was 5th in the 2018 USDF All Breeds Award for GOV for adult amateur training level, and 4th in the 2018 USDF All Breeds Award for GOV for 4 & 5 Year Old Mare Materiale.

2015- Fhantastick by Finest: Premium Foal, Foal of Distinction and Stallion Prospect. Fhantastick just keeps getting better and better under saddle as a 3 y.o. He is doing super under saddle, despite many growth spurts that leave him higher behind. He is very beautiful. I think he will grow quite a bit taller as he fills out. He has a good, uncomplicated, volunteer attitude as he is learning to go in a dressage frame and keep his balance under saddle.

2016- Dhecanter by Dheputy: Premium Foal and Foal of Distinction.

2017- Dhesigner by Dheputy: Premium Foal

2018- Dhiesel by Dheputy: . Sold to a Grand Prix dressage trainer and rider.

Not bred at all in 2018 because her 2018 foal was a July baby, so I wanted to give her a year off to catch up with future earlier foal due dates.

She can be sold with a half price breeding in 2019 to one of my available stallions (Dheputy, Fhitzgerald, Sir James, or Shakespeare RSF) with a one year live foal return guarantee. A good home is of utmost priority!

See her page on my website for videos of all of her offspring

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