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Dhiamont Pendant conf 8-7-21

Dhiamond Pendant conformation June 2020 1

Dhiamond Pendant conformation June 2020 2

Dhiamond Pendant conformation June 2020 3

Dhiamond Pendant conformation June 2020 4

Dhiamond Pendant 1

Dhiamond Pendant 2
Dhiamont Pendant  
Oldenburg Mare  
sire   Diamond Hit      
dam     Munchhausen/Fabriano
Color: Bay   Date of Birth:   January 30 2017

Video: Yes    Markings:  blaze. LH, RH socks 
Breeder: Heinrick Ramsbrock Owner: Maurine Swanson

I wanted a Diamond Hit filly, but I didn't need two


A super mover bought in Germany.

Not Offered for Sale

Dhiamond Pendant was named Dhiamont Pendant at her Mare inspection (German English crossed wires :-)) but the results were still good! She got 7 for trot 8 for canter, 7 for walk and 8,5 for riding and 9,5 from the test rider! For jumping she got 7.5 and 7 and 7.5 for jumping intelligence. She had a higher rideability score from the test rider than a MPT mare which is headed to the Young Horse Championships next week. She is registered Westphalian so ineligible for the Hanoverian award.
Thank you to Joerg Clasen for the great care and to his rider Karoline for the super presentation under saddle! I found out that Dhiamont Pendant has two licensed half brothers- Avicii by Apache who was Premium stallion at the 2014 Westphalian licensing and sold for $150K and a colt by Millennium who was licensed Deutschen Sportpferde in 2019. This is exciting news that validates my confidence in this mare's breeding value!

Here she is being prepared for the Hanoverian Mare Performance Test in November in Germany.

DH Münchhausenmovie from Jörg Clasen on Vimeo.

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