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Dhe Lorean conf 8-7-21

Dhe Lorean trot 8-7-21

Dhe Lorean trot 1

Dhe Lorean trot 2

Dhe Lorean trot 3

Dhe Lorean conf

Dhe Lorean walk

Dhe Lorean trot 4

Dhe Lorean trot 5

Dhe Lorean trot 6
Dhe Lorean  
Oldenburg Filly  
sire   Dheputy      
dam   Special Premium Shusquehanna Shakespeare RSF/ DeNiro
Color: Black   Date of Birth:   June 12 2018

Suitability: Dressage, Hunter, Breeding
Video: Yes    Markings:  RF fetlock, LH, RH half stockings 
Breeder: Owner:

Loooong legs and a beauty!

Looks like mom more than dad....
Dhe Lorean is one of our favorite from this year. She is really sweet with a quiet, friendly demeanor. Her best day was not the day of the GOV Foal Inspection, but we think she is a really good mover any other day!  

New video March 24, 2019:
Oct. 6, 2018. She is a really elastic mover and an absolute sweetheart with a placid disposition:

Birth report: Jim was on a golf vacation, so our grandkids, Kaylee and Trent helped me breed a mare with frozen semen when we heard Hanna's groans and rushed to the stall to deliver this lovely filly.

SOLD! Congratulations to Mary of PA!

First under saddle video on 8-7-21:

Here she is in the round pen, moving like we had seen in the field:

Here she is at our GOV Foal Inspection on July 3, 2018:

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