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Dhuesenberg 4-29-21

Dhuesenberg conf

Dhuesenberg head

Dhuesenberg walk

Dhuesenberg trot 1

Dhuesenberg trot 2

Dhuesenberg trot 3

Dhuesenberg trot 4

Dhuesenberg trot 5

Dhuesenberg round pen
Oldenburg Gelding  
sire   Dheputy      
dam   Special Premium Rhaisonette Rosentanz/Fuerst Heinrich
Color: Bay   Date of Birth:   June 13 2018

Suitability: Dressage, Hunter
Video: Yes    Markings:  Star, snip, LF, RF pasterns, LH 1/4 stocking 
Breeder: Owner:

PREMIUM!!! One should never plan on a horse show during foaling season...

Named PREMIUM at our GOV Foal Inspection! Born right as Cara and I were feeding horses early in order to get to a horse show. 

New Video Oct. 6, 2018:

SOLD! Congratulations to Michelle of Nassau, Bahamas!

New video 6-5-21 Look at him now!

Video 5/21/21 of Dhuesenberg under saddle. He is still very green, but he is cooperative and quiet. Remember, our breaker does no dressage training with them, so they come home needing to learn how to lunge, lunge with side reins, and be ridden towards a frame.
At this point, he still needs to learn how to go into the contact, and he needs a better balance in the canter, but we are excited about offering him to our amateur clients.
This is a video running free in the indoor the day after returning from the breaker. He will be available for sale after he has had some dressage training under saddle here at RSF. Keep an eye on future videos. Video taken on Aug. 6 in the round pen:

Video taken at the Rolling Stone Farm GOV Foal Inspection on July 3, 2018:

Birth report: Really a charming, beautiful colt! It worked out ok. Got up at 5 am after being in the barn until 1 am with Shusquehanna's foal, fed grain, then on the way through the barn with hay, there was no Rhaisonette head looking through the stall bars. She foaled quickly, Cara took Hhot Tamale and Preso to the show, and I met her up there later after safely delivering this beautiful colt. Cara did super at the show, and I got the first score at fourth level for my silver medal. I was too tired to be nervous!

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