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Dhom Perignon under saddle 7-15-20

Dhom Perignon conf 7-15-20

Dhom Perignon insp 1

Dhom Perignon insp 2

Dhom Perignon insp 3

Dhom Perignon insp 4

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Dhom Perignon insp 6

Dhom Perignon insp 7

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Dhom Perignon  
Oldenburg Gelding  
private treaty
sire   Dheputy      
dam   Special Premium Ghodiva Gold Luck/De Niro
Color: Bay   Date of Birth:   June 9 2016

Suitability: Dressage
Video: Yes    Markings:  small star, LH sock 
Breeder: Owner:

Now under saddle and WOW! Premium, Foal of Distinction, Stallion Prospect, and German Elite Foal Auction quality!

Holy cow, can this colt MOVE! Every step lifts the front end up and the hindquarters down. He should be a collection machine when he grows up. 

Birth report: He is a genius who got up, nursed and started running around the stall within an hour. Tall, leggy and born with correct conformation

For Sale

WOW! Is all we have to say. This tall gelding has so much movement, he doesn't quite know how to package it all yet, but he is learning to half halt and carry himself. He will be an appropriate horse for a good amateur rider or a professional- not because of behavior (he is absolutely a good boy), but because of his big gaits. I believe this horse has world-class gaits and I hope he will be developed as such. New video showing a bit more forward now that he has steering and brakes :-)

Video July 16, 2020:

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