Rolling Stone Farm I 2016 EM Fhashion Model foal
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2016 EM Fhashion Model foal  
Oldenburg Filly  
sire   Bordeaux      
dam   EM Fhashion Model Florencio/Akut
Color:    Date of Birth:   May 1 2016

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Breeder: Owner:


An abortion that tried very hard to happen.... Tyra was not due until mid June. 

Tyra was bagged up and dripping milk in early April. I took her to the vet clinic where they checked for twins (none there- only one) and they ultrasounded the placenta and umbilicus, which were normal. She went on antibiotics and Banamine for 10 days. She started looking less like she was going to foal any minute, but the first day of May at 295 days gestation, she aborted a perfectly formed black filly with a normal placenta and umbilicus. That foal just wanted to come early....

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