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Ehlliot 8-8-19 conf

Ehlliot 7-20-19 u-s

Ehlliot- conf 1

Ehlliot- trot 1

Ehlliot- trot 2

Ehlliot- head

Ehlliot- walk

Ehlliot- conf 2

Ehlliot- trot 3

Ehlliot- trot 4
Oldenburg Gelding  
sire   Everdale      
dam    EM Fhashion Model Florencio/Akut
Color: Black   Date of Birth:   May 30 2015


Suitability: Dressage
Video: Yes    Markings:  LH small sock 
Breeder: Owner:

A beautiful gelding with a performance pedigree!

Ehlliot is a sweety with beautiful conformation and good movement. His pedigree suggests a performance career in dressage.


Birth report: A beautiful black colt! Breeding my Hanoverian and Oldenburg mares to Dutch stallions is a little new to me and my breeding program, but I am pleased with the results!

SOLD! Congratulations to Jamie of NJ!

Ehlliot and Shiraz went to a schooling dressage show 9-12-20 where their behavior was perfect. Ehlliot did just a few spins around on the lunge. He loaded, unloaded and stood on the trailer quietly while the other horse was ridden. He had never been in a ring with other horses, so the warmup ring was a real eye opener but he was well behaved. Ehlliot: Training level test 1- 66.346%, first place. Training level test 2- 68.448%, third place behind Shiraz and a second level horse dropped down to training level for some reason. He was such a good boy! New video from 4-19-21 schooling second level test 1 off property:

Video showing him working on second level movements and THE VERY FIRST TIME TRYING FLYING CHANGES!!! Feb 3, 2021:

This is a normal working session on December 12, 2020:

This session on October 1st shows what he is working on- canter- walk, walk- canter, shoulders in and haunches in.

We took Ehlliot off property today (Sept. 9) for the first time and his first time in a dressage ring. He was a superstar!
I LOVE the progress Ehlliot is making as he grows into his body. I still think he will be a superstar. New video taken in the outdoor ring July 17, 2020:

Ehlliot was the very last one of his age group to be sent off to be broke, but he was sure worth the wait! New video May 6, 2020: March 5, 2020:

Feb 6, 2020: Dec 2019 - really coming along!!!!


9-15-19: 8-30-19- making progress: Video after one month after returning from the breaker. He is making rapid progress!
This is the video of him the very first time he was ridden at RSF. He was trained by a western rider so he doesn't know going to the contact yet, he needs more fat on his ribs to make me happy and his teeth needed some work. Keep an eye on this one, folks. I really like him! I will keep updating videos as his training progresses.

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