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conf 2-27-19

u-s 2-27-19

Rhock of Ages u-s Dec 2018

Rhock of Ages trot 1

Rhock of Ages trot 2

Rhock of Ages head 2

Rhock of Ages correctness from front

Rhock of Ages walk

Rhock of Ages trot 4

Rhock of Ages June 9
Rhock of Ages  
Oldenburg Gelding  
sire   Romanov      
dam   Shnickers Sinatra Song/Widmark
Color: Chestnut   Date of Birth:   May 30 2015

17.1 h

Suitability: Dressage
Video: Yes    Markings:  no white 
Breeder: Owner:

PREMIUM colt. Now under saddle

This gelding has the genetics, the look and the movement to be a Grand Prix dressage horse. He has a very good character, too.

Birth report: What do you get when you breed and dark brown mare to a dark brown stallion?- CHESTNUT. Despite the color surprise, he is one of our favorite foals this season. He is tall, long-legged and a really super mover.

SOLD! Congratulations to Dorie Forte of MD!

Rhocky is just under saddle a short while. He is a BIG boy with a lot of movement, so his balance and gaits under saddle are a work in progress. He has a super character. Stay tuned to see how he develops. He is still very green, especially at the canter, but his character and behavior are very good, so he can now be tried by customers. New video April 3, 2019:

2/27/19: New video Jan 26, 2019:

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