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Zhan Gogh Feb 2018 1

Zhan Gogh Feb 2018 2

Zhan Gogh Feb 2018 3

Zhan Gogh Feb 2018 4

Zhan Gogh insp trot 1

Zhan Gogh insp trot 2

Zhan Gogh insp trot 3

Zhan Gogh insp trot 4

Zhan Gogh insp trot 5

Zhan Gogh- 3 days old
Zhan Gogh  
Oldenburg Gelding  
sire   Zonik      
dam   Special Premium Shawnee Shakespeare RSF/ Weltbekannt
Color: Bay   Date of Birth:   June 1 2014

Suitability: Dressage
Video: Yes    Markings:  Star, LH sock 
Breeder: Owner:

A beautiful colt with a performance pedigree

Unfortunately, the day of the foal inspection was not one of Zhan Gogh's more inspirational days. He could have cared less about showing off his gaits. Take a look at the video taken 8-30-14. He can move when he wants to!

Birth report: A beautiful colt with a pretty head. Normal sized for a first foal. Shawnee is a super first time mom.

SOLD! Congratulations to Lori of VT!

New Update! Normal session July 26, 2019:

June 8, 2019: We took Zhan Gogh to a second schooling dressage show on June 8 and he did super, once again- 2 classes, 2 firsts. This was his second show and third time off property. Cara rode him beautifully and the scores reflect this. Training level test 1- 77.308%, Training level test 2- 78.966%. I couldn't ask for a better behaved young horse and better riding from Cara. May 18: We took Zhan Gogh to a schooling dressage show where he won both of his classes and was training level high score. It was his very first time in a dressage ring and only his second time off property to be ridden. He was an absolute star!!! No lunging, perfect behavior in the warmup and an old soul in the show ring. In training level test 2 he received 72.241% and in training test 3 he received 70.517% with an error of course. He received 8's on gaits and in impulsion in both tests. What a super star!!!!

We love this horse! He is so elastic, he can feel a bit "wormy", but there are moments that the feeling he gives is incredible. All that elasticity will some day translate into phenomenal lateral work. He is a really super prospect by the Grand Prix International winning Zonik, ridden by Edward Gal of Totilas fame. Zhan Gogh comes out ready to work with free and big gaits that will develop as his balance and strength improves. New video from the show- first time in a dressage ring ever- training level test 2 72.241% first place: April 3, 2019:

Jan 2019:

Nov 3, 2018:

Sept 2018:

Aug 2018:
May 2018- learning to go to the contact:

First video- third ride after in our ring after returning from the breaker:

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