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Shadow Jan 2018 us 1

Shadow RSF Oct 2017 u-s

Shadow RSF Oct 2017 conf

Shadow RSF insp trot 1

Shadow RSF insp trot 2

Shadow RSF insp trot 3

Shadow RSF insp walk

Shadow RSF insp trot 4

5-6-14 (1)
Verband Premium Shadow RSF  
Oldenburg Mare  
sire   Shakespeare RSF      
dam   EM Fhashion Model Florencio/ Akut
Color: Bay   Date of Birth:   April 30 2014


Suitability: Dressage
Video: Yes    Markings:  small star 
Breeder: Owner:

Another really good foal from Tyra. PREMIUM and FOAL of DISTINCTION at our GOV inspection. She was also named as the top filly over 13 other very high quality fillies.

This filly is really pretty and what a mover she is! Very correct in her conformation and rideability built in genetically on this one.

She is a real beauty with a beautiful face and sloping shoulder. I love this filly!

SOLD! Congratulations to Ann of PA!

Inspection and Show Results

UPDATE! Shadow went to another recognized dressage show at Red Tail July II on July 17, 2019. This time she was again a total pro. She got two 2nd places with a 68.793% for training level test 2 and a 70.517% at training level test 3:

Cara rode Verband Premium Shadow RSF (Shakespeare RSF/ Florencio) at her first horse show and second time off property at the recognized ESDCTA Memorial Weekend Show May 25 & 26, 2019. The first day the warm up was very busy with 10 horses and one misbehaving. Shadow didnít do anything wrong, but she was a bit tight over the back and holding her breath (!). 62.586 training 3 and 63.103 training 2. The second day, she was much more a show horse with a 5th in training 3 (66.55%) and winning training 2 with a 70.17%! In that test, she went just like she does at home. What a good girl! Another one of our favorites! She has a very good balance and three very good gaits with a willing to please attitude under saddle and on the ground. At our GOV Mare Performance Test on October 21, 2017, Shadow received the Verband Premium title with her good scores in the MPT and on her inspection. I originally planned on keeping her, and don't really care if she sells or not, but she is so good to ride and perfect for my customers. She is of medium height so perfect for a lady rider. Perhaps you will be the lucky buyer to get her! New video from April 4, 2019: Jan 9, 2019:

Nov. 3, 2018:

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