Rolling Stone Farm I Special Premium Candidate Dhonatella
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Dhonatella Dressage at Devon 2017

Dhonatella Oct 2017 u-s

Dhonatella insp trot 1

Dhonatella insp conf

Dhonatella insp trot 2

Dhonatella insp trot 3

5-6-14 (1)

5-6-14 (2)

Dhonatella- one day old

Dhonatella- 2 days old in pasture for first time
Special Premium Candidate Dhonatella  
Oldenburg Filly  
sire   Don Frederic      
dam   EM Lhibrarian Loerke/Renaissance
Color: Chestnut   Date of Birth:   April 19 2014

Suitability: Dressage
Video: Yes    Markings:  narrow blaze, RF half stocking, LH 3/4 stocking, RH pastern 
Breeder: Owner:

A beautiful, feminine, very correct filly. PREMIUM at our inspection.

Named PREMIUM at our GOV inspection! Birth report: She came into the world a bit early, but she came out ready to stand and nurse. She looks like she will have movement that resembles her famous father. 

She is a really super mover with a beautiful, feminine face and correct conformation.

SOLD! Congratulations to Julia of NJ!

She is as good of a mover under saddle as we thought she'd be when seeing her free gaits. She did well at a few dressage breed shows this year:
ESDCTA Memorial Weekend I-
She won her 3 year old fillies class with a 79.625%, was Filly Champion, Young Horse Champion, Grand Champion, and she won her Materiale class. In Memorial Weekend II, she won her 3 year old fillies class with a 78.2%, was Reserve Champion Filly, Young Horse Champion, and she won her Materiale class. These were her first two times off the farm! At Dressage at Devon, she was a little tense in the walk in her 3 year old fillies class, but still placed 7th. Then in the GAIG/USDF Filly Finals class, she placed 5th. What a good girl! Year end awards: USDF Reserve Champion for Three Year Old Fillies and Champion for the GOV in USDF All Breeds Awards in the same category!
At our GOV Mare Performance Test, Dhonatella placed 5th with a score of 7.35, receiving scores of 8.0 for trot under saddle, canter under saddle, and rideability. On her mare inspection, she received 8.5 for walk, 8 for general impression and development and 7.5 for the walk. She was named a Special Premium Candidate at that time.
Oct 2017 at home:

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