Rolling Stone Farm I Special Premium Candidate Shistine
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Shistine Oct 2017 u-s

Shistine Oct 2017 conf

Shistine insp trot 1

Shistine insp trot 2

Shistine insp trot 3

Shistine insp trot 4

Shistine insp trot 5

Shistine- 12 hrs old
Special Premium Candidate Shistine  
Oldenburg Mare  
sire   Sir James      
dam   EM Dhewpoint DiCaprio/Monty
Color: Bay   Date of Birth:   June 4 2014

Suitability: Dressage
Video: Yes    Markings:  star, snip 
Breeder: Owner:


This filly is just lovely with really super movement. She had an infection in her right hock that required surgical removal of the infected bone, right at the distal trochlear ridge where OCD's are common. She has not taken a lame step since the surgery, which will appear on radiograph like a DIRT lesion surgery. I have had foals re-form bone, so we'll see what happens. Meantime, she is 100% sound.

Watch how she moves:

Birth report: Dhewpoint paced for three nights. We are sleep deprived but happy with this beautiful filly!Shistine is a real beauty. She has the long legs and long neck from both parents with correct conformation

Not Offered for Sale

Nothing like trial by fire- we took Shistine to Dressage at Devon 2017 as her very first horse show and time off the property. We showed her in hand where she placed 9th in her Three Year Old Fillies class, 2nd in the Three Year Old Filly Materiale, 5th in the USDFBC Three Year Old Materiale
Championship and 3rd in the Young Prospect Award. She completed the GOV Mare Performance Test on October 21, 2017 where she received the Special Premium title. Her scores in the MPT included 8's for free trot, free canter, and rideability. Her scores on her mare inspection included 8's for frame, breed and, walk, and general impression and development.

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