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Ahvant-Garde insp trot 1

Ahvant-Garde insp trot 2

Ahvant-Garde insp conf

Ahvant-Garde insp trot 3


Ahvant-Garde three hours old
Oldenburg Colt  
sire   Ampere      
dam   EM Whispre Weltmeyer/Brentano II
Color: Bay   Date of Birth:   April 14 2014

Suitability: Dressage, Hunter
Video:     Markings:  star, snip, four white socks 
Breeder: Owner:

What a mover!!!!!! Named PREMIUM!

This colt is spectacular and one of the best foals of the year. The last Ampere riding horse gelding I sold was equally as impressive. He received a Premium Foal Award after the judges reviewed a DVD I sent to them, ending our bewilderment at his not receiving a premium at the inspection. The video was incomplete of the inspection go, so here he is in the indoor ring the following week:

Here he is outside so you can see how he sparkles*****

Birth report: Whispre had this lovely colt at the very respectable hour of 9 pm. This colt was not the fastest to learn where the milk bar is, so I was still sleepless until 2 am. All is well, IgG is super, and if it ever stops raining, we will get to see how he moves

SOLD! Congratulations to Chris Preston! Ahvant Garde will be raised as a stallion prospect.

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