Rolling Stone Farm I Special Premium Candidate Hhemlock
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Breed Show Grand Champion

Hhemlock u-s

Hhemlock MPT head

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Hhemlock insp trot 1
Special Premium Candidate Hhemlock  
Oldenburg Mare  
sire   Hotline      
dam   Lhoretta Loerke/Waltzertraum Moon
Color: Bay   Date of Birth:   May 2 2013

Suitability: Dressage
Video: Yes    Markings:  no markings 
Breeder: Owner:

Named Premium foal at our GOV inspection. Now a Special Premium Candidate Mare based on her excellent scores at her inspection and Mare Performance Test

We are in LOVE with Hhot Tamale who has been winning in the dressage ring and is a pleasure to ride and show. Here is her alter-ego sister!  

New video of a geeky yearling who can still move like stink:

Birth report: Jim and I were out ultrasounding mares and checking on Whrigley and her new foal, when Lhoretta decided it was time to get down to business. This is a very tall, leggy, beautiful filly!

SOLD! Congratulations Jennifer of NJ!

Inspection Comments

We took Hhemlock to a breed show in NY in June for an off the farm experience and she won her class, was Mare Champion, Mature Horse Champion and Grand Champion, besting some very good competition. Then we took her to an off site riding clinic in July where she was also an absolute star! Here is the video:

Getting better and better under saddle- video from Feb 14, 2017:

Hhemlock fulfilled the expectations of her pedigree by becoming a Special Premium Candidate at her Mare Performance Test in fall of 2016. Her scores on inspection were very good, including 8.0 Free Trot, 7.5 Walk under Saddle, Rideability, Breed and Sex Type, Trot in Hand, and General Impression and Development. Here she is in a regular working session on Oct. 21 and in a clinic on Oct 25, 2016:

Here she is at the Mare Performance Test held on Oct. 26, 2016:

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