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Shambezi Jan 2017 conf

Shambezi Jan 2017 trot u-s

Shambezi Jan 2017 canter u-s

Shambezi insp trot 1

Shambezi insp trot 2

Shambezi insp conf

Shambezi insp head

Shambezi insp walk

Shambezi insp trot from front

Shambezi 5-1-13 2
Oldenburg Gelding  
sire   Sunlight xx      
dam   Bhon-Bon Brentano II/Archipel
Color: Dark Brown   Date of Birth:   April 14 2013

16.2 in Jan 2017

Suitability: Dressage
Video: Yes    Markings:   
Breeder: Owner:

Premium foal, now under saddle

A tall, absolutely quiet, amateur friendly volunteer under saddle and on the ground 

A really tall, very elegant colt! He is a sweetheart too. We got the refinement from Sunlight and the power from Bhon-Bon. All of the Sunlight xx offspring I encountered in Germany were so rideable with very good canters and walks.
New video from Oct. 1, 2014:

Birth report: Bhon- Bon had this lovely colt at 8:30 pm. Jim once again had to act as midwife since I am still crippled with my knee injury. I stayed in the house and watched the whole thing on the camera with Jim giving a blow by blow description via speaker phone. I am like a worried mother hen! Surgery is scheduled this week, and I hope it allows me to be mobile again. I'll try and get photos up later today when I see them for the first time via Gator ride.

SOLD! Congratulations to Erin Schaeffer of MD!

We nicknamed Shambezi "Easy-Bezi" from the day he was born and the name still applies. He is tall and will get taller as he matures. He is very cooperative both on the ground and now under saddle, where he displays a volunteer attitude with three good gaits. An amateur rider should snatch him up and develop him up the levels. I'm sure he will be an easy project and I'm sure he will go far!
Video 2-14-17 including his first time ever free jumping:

New video 1/25/17:
Jan. 4, 2017 45 days under saddle:

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