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Shan Joaquin- May 2016 3 years old

Shan Joaquin insp trot from front 1

Shan Joaquin insp head

Shan Joaquin insp trot 2

Shan Joaquin insp walk

Shan Joaquin insp conf

Shan Joaquin insp trot 3

Shan Joaquin insp trot from front 2

Shan Joaquin 5-1-13 1

Shan Joaquin one day old
Shan Joaquin "Joaquin"  
Oldenburg Gelding  
sire   Sir James      
dam   EM Whallis Blue Wallstreet Kid/Armin
Color: Bay   Date of Birth:   March 19 2013


Suitability: Dressage, Hunter
Video: Yes    Markings:  large star, snip, LF stocking, LH sock 
Breeder: Owner:

Under saddle and SUPER!

The first foal of 2013 and a really good one- also named Premium. He is tall, elegant, and has the exact same star as his famous grand dad, Sir Donnerhall. He can really move!
New video Dec. 8, 2014. He is going to be really tall!


New photos from 4-15-13. Birth report: We were ready for this foal to come with our winter clothes on. Spring has officially arrived, but it still felt like winter. No problems with the birth. He is healthy and strong, and he is a nursing MACHINE! Mom can still really move at age 14 (Where did the time go? Whallis is one of my offspring from EM Alectra, whom I bought as a foal 19 years ago). Look at the shoulder freedom and canter stride on Joaquin!

SOLD! Congrats to Bonnie of MD!

Joaquin is back from the breaker and we think he is a super prospect for dressage or hunter. He is good to ride, with an uncomplicated, volunteer attitude. He has very good conformation and we think he will be tall and elegant as he matures and fills out.
Video one month after returning from the breaker:

He shows hunter potential, too:

5th ride after returning from western breaker:

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