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Sharades MPT trot u-s 1

Sharades MPT conf

Sharades MPT trot free

Sharades MPT canter u-s

Sharades MPT trot u-s 2

Sharades MPT jump

Sharades MPT head

Sharades u-s

Sharades- trot 1

Sharades- trot 5
Oldenburg Mare  
sire   Sir James      
dam   EM Rheceptionist Royal Prince/Armin
Color: Dark Brown   Date of Birth:   April 17 2012


Suitability: Dressage
Video: Yes    Markings:  star, small snip, 4 socks 
Breeder: Owner:

Premium foal, performance tested and now for sale under saddle. A lovely prospect!

Such a nice horse under saddle! We are thrilled with this first one of Sir James' foals to be under saddle at RSF.

Wow! Look at the movement on this beautiful filly! Sharades is a barn favorite. She is as sweet as can be, and she has it all- movement, conformation, and charm. We are excited about the Sir James foals!

Foaling report: The third foal born in 24 hours and the very first Sir James foal born!Quinnten so wanted a foal born on his birthday, and this filly was just a little early. He had the honor of naming this very leggy, correct filly with a beautiful face.

SOLD! Congratulations to Carolyn of TX!

New video June 2017:

We took Sharades to a schooling dressage show. We were too late to enter her in a class, so we just schooled her in the warm up ring. She was a star loading and unloading in the trailer, and was perfectly behaved in the warm up ring, even though she was worried about being off property. Here is the basically unedited video of the day. What a good girl! At home she is working on walk-canter, canter- walk, shallow counter canter serpentine loops and she is schooling shoulder in and starting haunches in.

Sharades is super under saddle. She completed the GOV mare performance as a very green three year old and she was placed in the Main Stud Book. She received an 8.5 for the free trot and good scores for everything else. She is a volunteer under saddle and has a good balance naturally with a very active hindquarter. She is a cribber but does not crib with a collar on, so her is price reflects this. New video Feb 21, 2017:
Oct. 2016:

Aug. 2016:

Feb 2016:

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