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Shtiletto champion award

Shtiletto trot free 1

Shtiletto trot u-s

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Shtiletto free jump

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Special Premium Candidate Shtiletto  
Oldenburg Mare  
sire   Shakespeare RSF      
dam   EM Fhrance Fabriano/Wonderful
Color: Dark Brown   Date of Birth:   May 21 2011


Suitability: Dressage, Hunter, Jumper
Video: Yes    Markings:  none 
Breeder: Owner:

Premium Foal, Foal of Distinction and Co-Champion Filly. Now a Special Premium Candidate, and top mare at her Mare Performance Test

This filly has an uphill neck set which allows her to lift off the ground from the first steps. Her trot is suspended, her canter stride is big and she is very dark brown!

Wow is all I can say about this beautiful big filly. Super shoulder and correct legs.

SOLD! Congratulations to Susan of PA!

Inspection and Show Results

Shtiletto is a SUPER horse and I'm a very proud breeder. Her full sister was ranked 3rd in the nation with a score of 8+ for the FEI 6 year olds in 2016 and sold doing all of the PSG work. Shtiletto has had a successful dressage record and a successful breed show record. Shtiletto has been multiple times breed show champion, and she was Champion Young Horse Prospect at Dressage at
Devon 2014, winning her Material class with an 80%. Shtiletto
has been shown in dressage with many wins and successes. Stiletto was entered in two shows in Aug. at third level. At her first show, Bucks County Dressage at the Park IV on Aug. 4, she made mistakes in third 2, then did a super test at third 1, winning the class and receiving the third level high score tri color ribbon with a 67.703%. Her second show as at Red Tail August I on Aug. 6, where she won her third level test 1 with a 66.351%. Good girl!!! Recent video from July 25, 2019:

In January 2016, she received a 69.242% at 2nd level test 1 at a schooling show. She was shown in 1st level tests 2 & 3 at the
wind blown, chilly VADA/NOVA Spring 2016 where she received
scores up to 70.469%. At Windy Hollow Hunt June 2016 in NJ,
she received 70.882 and 71. 324 in First 3, 70.469 at First 2 and
71.818 at Second 1. She is now learning flying changes and they are coming along fine. We decided not to show her in 2017 in order to concentrate on teaching her the flying changes. Then in 2018 she has a slight pasture injury requiring rest. She will be ready for 3rd level in 2019. New video April 10, 2019:
Jan 10, 2019:
Here she is Jan 23, 2018, schooling 3rd level:
Look at the progress Cara has made with the flying changes- Aug. 3, 2017:

July, 2017:

Feb 19, 2017:

Here she is in a normal working session in Dec. 2016. She is now schooling flying changes. Buy her now or regret it later.

May 17, 2016.

At the GOV Mare
Performance Test Sept. 9, 2104, she was the overall champion and winner of the high score free jumping ribbon out of 8 mares tested. She was named a Special Premium Candidate at this time because of her very good scores. Her scores for the Mare Performance Test include 8's for free jumping, trot under saddle, canter under saddle, and 7.5's for free canter and test rider
score for rideability. Overall score
7.52. Special premium Candidate Shtiletto is
a full sister to a licensed stallion, Shotgun, and
full sister to Verband Premium Shyriana (MPT score 7.69), now sold to an FEI rider. Her dam, an Elite Mare by Fabriano has also produced many other
successful offspring. At Dressage at Stone Tavern II Dressage Breed Show August 31: Shtiletto placed 2nd in the 3 y.o. fillies class. At Dressage at Devon 2014, Shtiletto placed 7th in the Three Year Old Fillies class with a 76.7%. In the Materiale Class- three year old fillies Shtiletto placed 1st with an 80.0% She was also named Born in the USA Champion. Shtiletto was then named Young Prospect Champion! This trophy is given in memory of Angela Barilar, and is a combination of the in hand and materiale results. This is the second time one of my Rolling Stone Farm bred horses have won this title, and last year I had the reserve champion. I am a very proud horse breeder!
MPT video:

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