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Whyoming- MPT trot u-s 1

Whyoming- MPT jump

Whyoming- MPT MAHB trophy

Whyoming- MPT conf

Whyoming- MPT trot u-s 2

Whyoming- MPT trot in hand

Whyoming- yearling

Whyoming insp trot 1

Whyoming insp trot 2

Whyoming insp conf
EMC Whyoming RSF "Ming"  
Hanoverian Mare  
sire   Welcome S      
dam   EM Lhibrarian Loerke/Renaissance
Color: Chestnut   Date of Birth:   May 19 2009

15.3 H

Suitability: Dressage, Breeding
Video: Yes    Markings:  blaze, 4 white stockings 
Breeder: Owner:

You cannot believe the typey foals we got from Welcome S!

Look at this beauty! She has it all- looks and movement. She resembles her mother at this age, but I think she has an even better hindquarter engagement than Lhibrarian does. Look at her trot photos! 

This filly is another representative of 4 generations from my breeding program. Lhibrarian's dam is Rhococo, who's dam is Adelblume. Adelblume was the second Hanoverian mare I ever owned 25 years ago. She was also my first warmblood dressage horse. Foaling report: The second filly of the day, following the birth of Anike's filly earlier in the day.Lhibrarian did a great job in delivery and is a natural mom. This filly is leggy and very sweet with a great shoulder and a pretty face like her mom.

SOLD! Congratulations to Aneesa Roman of PA!

Inspection and Show Results

Whyoming RSF was presented to the American Hanoverian Society at the MAHB inspection on October 13, 2012 where she received an overall 7.0 on her studbook inspection. She also did the Mare Performance Test. This was a bit of a push for Whyoming, who had been under saddle for only 2 months. She did a super job! She was the highest scoring jumper in the free jumping, receiving an 8 for technique and 7.5. This was only her 4th time through the free jumping chute (hey, it was a busy summer for RSF!). She received a 7.25 final score on her mare performance test, making her a new Elite Mare Candidate! Cara and I give her a 12 for rideability. How many mares can do this after being under saddle only 2 months! She also received the high score MAHB trophy. This is the fourth time I have received this trophy. My mantle looks the same again after receiving this award last year for Hhot Tamale. I am selling Ming, since her dam EM Lhibrarian is still young. She is perfect for the shorter amateur lady rider. She was also accepted into the GOV main mare book. Here is a recent video from 1-30-13:

12-6-12: Here is a video of Whyoming taken 10/6 after just 3 weeks under saddle:

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