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Shady Lady u-s 1-14-13

Shady Lady- yearling

Shady Lady- insp trot 1

Shady Lady- insp conf

Shady Lady- insp head

Shady Lady- insp trot 2

Shady Lady- insp trot 3

Shady Lady- insp trot 4
Shady Lady  
Oldenburg Mare  
sire   Shakespeare RSF      
dam   EM Wolkenzauber Wolkenstein II/Pinkus
Color: Black   Date of Birth:   June 28 2009

Video: Yes    Markings:  not one white hair 
Breeder: Owner:

Another super riding horse by Shakespeare RSF- super gaits and rideability all in one beautiful package!

Shady Lady is just super to ride. She is very typical of the Shakespeare RSF first offspring of his that we have started under saddle this year. Shady Lady is one of the last ones to be broke (hey, we had 17 to break this year....). Shady is sweet, light to the contact, with very good activity from behind and a free shoulder. 

Well, I was actually surprised that Shady Lady didn't get a premium at the GOV inspection. I think maybe they were sick of giving them out to me by the time Shady came in the ring as one of the last foals presented. In my opinion, she is of premium quality- in type, conformation and movement. She was only 5 weeks old at the time, maybe that had something to do with the judges' decision....Foal report: This is an elegant filly, a little small (mom is on thyroid meds in addition to the foal being 3 weeks early). She is black and beautiful, and very vocal. Foaling report: Woo- hoo! We are done with foaling! A surprise was found in the stall in the morning. Tricky Wilma did not have a big udder, had no milk yet, and was not due for three weeks. Wilma had a smug look on her face, as if to say, "What is your problem?".

SOLD! Congratulations to Kathy Elliott of FL!

Newest video from 2-5-13:

1-14-13: 12-18-12 We sent Shady Lady out to be broke and she has returned home. She is typical of the Shakespeare offspring we have been riding and breaking- she is easy to ride and put on the contact with a want-to-please attitude that makes riding her fun. She has a free shoulder with an active hindquarter. She has been progressing so fast, this video is already outdated.

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