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Whiskey Girl June 8 2014 trot 1

Whiskey Girl June 8 2014 trot 2

Whiskey Girl June 8 2014 trot 3

Whiskey Girl June 8 2014 trot 4

Whiskey Girl- conf

Whiskey Girl- trot

Whiskey Girl- jump

Whiskey Girl- canter

Whiskey Girl- insp conf

Whiskey Girl- insp trot 1
Whiskey Girl  
Oldenburg Mare  
sire   Welcome S      
dam   EM Alectra Armin/Akzent II
Color: Chestnut   Date of Birth:   May 8 2009

Suitability: Dressage, Breeding
Video: Yes    Markings:  star, 2 socks behind 
Breeder: Owner:

Another premium designation at the GOV inspection for RSF!

I have decided to sell her since I have her full sister, Whrigley in my broodmare band. This mare is, in my opinion and in Kristen's opinion, an FEI dressage horse for the future. 

src="" frameborder="0" allowFullScreen> Whiskey could be the twin of Whrigley, her full sister from last year's foal crop. She has the same fun personality and power from behind, lifting her front up up with suspension in her gaits. Foaling report: Another filly! I love the expressions on her face! Jim had to act as midwife for this one. I was off teaching riding lessons in the afternoon when Alectra decided it was time. This is a tall leggy chestnut (what elase would it be?). She looks a lot like her full sister, Whrigley.

SOLD! Congratulations to Sonya and Kate!

Whiskey Girl is with a very good rider and client of ours, Kristen Schwaegerle. She wanted another horse to ride and sell, and we have given her Whiskey Girl to train and market. She can be reached at (603) 686-1583 or Here is a recent video from Kristen:

Kristen reports that Jim Koford shares our opinion of the FEI potential of this horse. She is schooling half pass and soon will start flying changes.
Here is a recent report from Kristen: I wanted to let you know that Whiskey is improving with every ride, and just a doll to have around. I brought her along to the Conrad Schumacher clinic, which was a very exciting atmosphere, and she held it together much better than I could have hoped - better than Stella even. I got some photos and video two weekends ago now - I attached photos and will get to the video asap, just have had some computer issues - and will *officially* list her through my outlets when I get improved video and photos in the next week. She is a really super horse, and someone will be very, very lucky to have her.

Dec 2013 Whiskey continues to prove what a worker she is. She comes out every day, willing to offer the lessons she learned the last time under saddle. As she continues to strengthen, she begins to show that there is a "sit-down" built in. She just needs a new owner to take her up the levels.
July 2013 Whiskey Girl is coming along great, and in our estimation, she is an FEI horse in the making. She went to a recognized dressage show where she went into a dressage ring for the first time, receiving the scores of 64.817% in training level test 1 and a 60.6% at training level test 3, both times placing second.

Whiskey Girl is really coming into her own. She did the Mare Performance Test in 2012 when she had only been cantering under saddle for one week, so it was a bit of a stretch for her. That being said, I think it was a testament to her wonderful rideability that she was able to do the Mare Performance Test with this short amount of time under saddle. Since then, she has been really advancing in her training, making me wish that the judges would return for another look!
She is offered for sale since her full sister, Whrigley is in foal and in my broodmare band. Whiskey has really good movement from behind and she is really starting to come up in front. Dec 2012

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