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Whaiting To Waltz- insp trot 1

Whaiting To Waltz- insp conf

Whaiting To Waltz- insp head

Whaiting To Waltz- insp trot 2

Whaiting To Waltz- insp trot 3

Whaiting To Waltz 5-21-09 1

Whaiting To Waltz 5-21-09 2

Whaiting To Waltz 5-21-09 3

Whaiting to Waltz- one week old 1

Whaiting to Waltz- one week old 2
Whaiting to Waltz "Matilda"  
Hanoverian Filly  
sire   Welcome S      
dam   EM Rheceptionist Royal Prince/Wallstreet Kid
Color: Black   Date of Birth:   April 29 2009

Suitability: Dressage, Breeding
Video:     Markings:  star, RF, LH small socks 
Breeder: Owner:

Her birth fullfills the requirements for Elite Mare for her mom.

Don't ask me how I got black from a chestnut stallion and a dark brown mare, but I'm not complaining! Matilda is a girly-girl with a priceless expression on her face of placid curiosity. Her movement is very good, and her conformation is excellent. Rideability is built in, genetically. 

This filly is really adorable with a pretty face and nice straight legs. I think she will be black(???). We didn't have any feminine Old West themed names on our list, but the song, "Waltzing Matilda" kept running through my mind. We did some research on my Blackberry stall side and discovered that the song is from Australia, so we made an American version of the name. We can call her Matilda for her barn name. Movement report: She looks like she will be a really super mover!!! What a beauty! She is a fourth generation filly from my breeding program. Foaling report: Matilda arrived just past midnight and was up and nursing in 2 hours. Phyllis is a natural mom and will be a new Elite Mare with the registration of this foal.

SOLD! Congratulations to Ann Sherwood of Manlius, NY

Owner Comments

Hi Mo, I writing writing with a Matilda update. Now that the school year has come to a close, I finally had a day with my girl. She surpassed my expectations! I took her right out the field and set up a little grooming station under a nice shady tree. She stood like we did this every day. She is extremely confident, smart and personable. You definitely took all the qualities I listed in my first long email and found me a wonderful future dressage partner. I believe that you have a matchmaking gift! I also am so appreciative that you for recommended Judy Reggio to me. She takes super care of Matilda and treats us both like family. I will be in touch with future updates. Thanks again for everything. All the best! Ann

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