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Qhuilting Bee- conf

Qhuilting Bee- trot u-s 1

Qhuilting Bee- head

Qhuilting Bee- trot in hand

Qhuilting Bee- canter u-s

Qhuilting Bee- trot u-s 2

Qhuilting Bee- jump

Qhuilting Bee- insp trot 1

Qhuilting Bee- insp head

Qhuilting Bee 5 days old- free shoulder!
Qhuilting Bee "Bee"  
Hanoverian Mare  
sire   Quaterback      
dam   EM Fhashion Model Florencio/Akut
Color: Chestnut   Date of Birth:   April 7 2009

16.0 h.

Suitability: Dressage, Breeding
Video: Yes    Markings:  blaze, 4 high stockings 
Breeder: Rolling Stone Farm Owner: Rolling Stone Farm

Named top filly out of 12 at our AHS inspection. She is a clone of her father, Quaterback!

Wow, is all I can say. I am offering this mare for sale since I have a few other fillies and a mare by Quaterback to put into my broodmare band. This offers a buyer the chance to ride and then breed using some new bloodlines added to the popular standby's of stallion names in the pedigrees.  

Foal inspection: Foaling report: Tyra decided to have Bee at a decent time (although the birth was in the middle of American Idol, my favorite TV show), BUT she had her while standing up. No amount of convincing could get Tyra to lie down. Jim and I caught her, no problem, slippery and all. Tyra becomes an Elite Mare with the birth of this foal

SOLD! Congratulations to Rene Declemente of Palm City, FL!

Inspection and Show Results

At our GOV inspection, Qhuilting Bee was presented to Katrin Burger, breeding director of the German Oldenburg Verband and Holly Simensen, North American breeding director for the GOV. Bee received high compliments for her really good movement in the trot and the walk, receiving 8's for both. She also received an 8 for the head. She was placed in the main mare book. Here is the video: Then we presented her to the Hanoverian judges who gave her a 6.5 for the walk and a 7 for the trot (this is why I breed Oldenburgs). She did the Mare Performance Test at that Hanov. inspection, but she was a bit too green (had been cantering under saddle for a week- really!), receiving a 6.77 for the MPT but receiving an overall 7.0 making her Elite Eligible if she redoes the MPT at a later date. She is really active from behind with super shoulder freedom and a good active walk with a good overtrack. She is very uncomplicated and fun to ride. Here is a video from 12-6-12:

Here is a video of the 6th ride and the first time cantering under saddle:

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