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Ghiradelli- hunter pose

Ghiredelli RSF- u-s

Ghiradelli RSF 2 y.o. 1

Gerry- trot 1

Gerry- trot 2

pretty head

conf from front


from behind

Ghiradelli RSF 6-3-08 1
Ghiradelli RSF "Gerry"  
Oldenburg Gelding  
sire   Gold Luck      
dam   Penny Lane RSF Pik L/ State Premium Mare by Godehard
Color: Gray   Date of Birth:   May 24 2008


Suitability: Dressage
Video: Yes    Markings:   
Breeder: Owner:

Really rideable with three good gaits

I had a good feeling about this cross, and it appears that I was right in my pairing. This is a super moving, very correct gelding with the rideability we see over and over again in the Gold Luck offspring. 

SOLD! Congrats to Heather and Susan McCarty and their trainer Luis Galindo!

FOR SALE: Ghiradelli is at a training barn learning to jump under saddle. Here is a recent video:

Ghiradelli shows much promise a jumper. Here he is free jumping for the first time this year. The final jump is 4'3".

Ghiradelli is becoming a real solid citizen. He just needed time to mature.

Here he is 12-6-12:

Here he is in a normal working session on Oct 10, 2012. Look at the hind leg activity on him!

First time free jumping on 8-10-12.

New video of Ghiradelli at a lesson with Scott Hassler 3-26-12. First time in an outside dressage ring.
March 9, 2012 Ghiradelli is coming along in his training really great. He went off the property to a lesson with Scott Hassler and he was a pro. He went right into the ring and never put a step wrong with no lunging required. The only other thing that has happened is that he lost part of the tip of his left ear. God only knows how it happened. He was turned out by himself. A close up is at the end of the video. It hardly shows now that it has healed. Horses!

Foal Inspection report: Ghiradelli was presented to the GOV on July 14, 2008. He did not move as well as we have seen him move- perhaps he was hot and tired, or at an awkward growth phase. We feel a little disadvantaged by having to bring in our foals from the hot, sunny fields on inspection day. All of our available stalls are given to our guests. Trust me, this is a colt that shows the movement for the big ring in dressage.

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