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Hhot Tamale 1

Hhot Tamale 2

Hhot Tamale 3

Hhot Tamale 2013 Spring VADA Nova with Cara

Hhot Tamale- VADA-NOVA 2012 1

Molly MAHB trot

Molly MAHB canter

Hhot Tamale 3 year old conf

Molly with AHS ribbon

Molly- MAHB conf
EMC/ Han. Performance Mare Hhot Tamale "Molly"  
Hanoverian Mare  
sire   Hotline      
dam   EM Chee Chee Contucci/Banter
Color: Bay   Date of Birth:   April 27 2008

Suitability: Dressage, Breeding
Video: Yes    Markings:  none 
Breeder: Owner:

A Grand Prix trained homebred with a very successful show career!

Named top filly at her Hanoverian foal inspection. A star at two mare performance tests as a three year old! Winner at 4th level at dressage at Devon in 2016, then competed very successfully at Small Tour, and now at Grand Prix. 

Foal report: Summer 2008 Foal inspection report: Named top filly at our AHS inspection for her superior movement! Foal report: Her sire created quite a sensation at his 2005 Hanoverian licensing and he was sold to Paul Schokemoehle.Hotline is a splendid approval and stallion test champion stallion. A beautifully-formed animal, Hotline has three extraordinary gaits and an even temperament which make him particularly valuable. With seldom experienced rideability, he impressed the experts at his first public appearances. Undisputed champion at his 70 day test which he finished with 149,28 points in the dressage and 137.34 points overall. The foreign riders confirmed his excellent rideability with the perfect score of 10.0. Hhot Tamale is a super mover with a really endearing attitude. She is quite the character! Foaling report: 4 foals in less than two days and all girls!Hhot Tamale has floppy ears that make her charming. Her conformation is beautiful, and her movement is very good. I have a hunch that we will see more as she grows up.

SOLD! Congratulations to Kim of NY! Enjoy!

Inspection and Show Results

Contact JJ Tate for sales information. (262) 325-0099. I have decided to sell Hhot Tamale, since her mother is still young and still in production as a broodmare at RSF and Molly has had such a successful dressage career from lower levels to the Grand Prix.She is dependable enough for a schoolmaster to get your medals on and reliable and safe in her disposition to be suitable as a Jr./Young Rider horse. She is 100% sound with no maintenance and has clean radiographs. She has an extensive show record that can be found on the USDF Scores website.
She competed successfully at Grand Prix in 2019, scoring 65% three times and 67.8% in only her second year showing at that level, trained by a woman who has never ridden and trained at this level prior. No buck, bolt or bad behavior. She has a charming puppy-dog personality too. Her scores so far this year in recognized dressage shows at Grand Prix with a new rider have been super- 63.804%, 64.783%, 66.196% and 68.152%. A lot has gotten better- her self carriage and she has a quieter mouth. Passage and piaffe continues to improve. This is a normal working session on September 29, 2020:

Video from a show in August 2020: Since she has a new rider, we took Molly to a schooling dressage show at the Horse Park of NJ on 3/15/20, just before all the shows were shut down due to the Corona virus. It was Jocelyn's first time in the show ring with her and this show was a opportunity to get in the ring in front of an "S" judge and find out what they needed to work on for the recognized dressage shows we had planned on entering her in. The score was a 66%, with a few boo-boos (19 ones! Pirouettes) on things that are never a problem to execute at home. The passage, piaffe and transitions scores were mostly 7's, which pleases us, since those were the things Jocelyn had been working on since starting to ride Molly a few months ago. New video Feb 5, 2020: Recent video showing passage, piaffe and tempis under our new trainer, Jocelyn:
She will be valuable for breeding when her performance career is over: 2011: At the MAHB Hanoverian inspection and MPT, Hhot Tamale was presented for stud book inspection where she received an overall 7.0. She then did the MPT where she outperformed all the other mares, winning the MPT with an overall score of 7.83. She received 8's for rideability, walk, trot, canter and jumping technique and a 7 for jumping ability. I received the MAHB trophy for high score MPT owned by a MAHB member. This is the third time for me to receive this award! This MPT score was 6th highest of all of the mares tested in 2011.

On Sept. 10, 2011, Hhot Tamale was presented for GOV studbook approval and performed the Mare Performance Test at the same time. I am supporting the GOV MPT because I believe that the MPT is an important part of the equation when selecting mares for the broodmare band. Molly placed third among our 10 mares tested and had she been Oldenburg papered, she would have probably received the title of Special Premium, since the Oldenburg mares placing below her received this prestigous title. She received a 9 (!) for rideability from the test rider and an 8.5 for the trot under saddle. Her final score was 7.73.

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