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Fhortune Cookie April 2012 1

Fhortune Cookie April 2012 2

Fhortune Cookie- 3 years old

Fhortune Cookie- 2 y.o. 1

Fhortune Cookie- 2 y.o. 2

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conf 1

head 1

trot 2

Fhortune Cookie 6-3-08 2
Fhortune Cookie "Cookie"  
Oldenburg Mare  
sire   Fidertanz      
dam   EM Whitney Q Weltbekkant/Leibniz
Color: Bay   Date of Birth:   May 7 2008

16.0 1/2" h

Suitability: Dressage, Breeding
Video: Yes    Markings:  Star, connected large snip, LF & RF socks, LH & RH Stockings 
Breeder: Owner:

Premium foal award from the GOV

Perfect for the smaller lady rider for dressage or perhaps hunter???? I was going to keep her for my broodmare band, but I have just too many mares. You can have fun with her! She is the perfect amateur friendly mount.  

She has an active hindquarter, and rideability is bred in- her father, Fidertanz was the absolute shining star at the 14th NRW main approval in 2004. He left the scene with standing ovations as the undisputed Champion Stallion. Three exceptional basic paces, caution and ability at the fence, an easy going temperament and an exterior that leaves nothing to be desired left no doubt that he was the justified winner. He completed his 30 day tests at Neustadt-Dosse as the winner of the testing. As a three year old at the 2005 Bundeschampionate he finished second, scoring 9.5 for conformation, 9 for trot, 9 for canter, 8 for walk , and 9.5 for rideability. His sire, Fidermark, won his performance test and has won the Bundeschampionat, Optimum and Grand Prix. Grandsire, Ravallo, also won his performance test with an index of 155 (dressage 157.52 - 1st place, jumping 127.5 - 5th place). Fröhlingstraum II is deemed one of the pillars of Wesphalian breeding and through Romadour II, Fidermark is inbred three times to founding stallion, Ramzes x. Findertanz's dam, granddam and great granddam were State Premium mares and competed in final rings. This dam line has produced numerous licensed sons and many of their offspring are successful up to advanced level in sport. Fhortune Cookie's dam, EM Whitney Q received a 9 for rideability and her walk on her mare performance test. 6/2008 FOAL REPORT: Cookie is a real beauty. She has almost an Arab dished forehead. Cookie is a free shouldered hunter-type mover, and she gets a 10 for the cute and sweet score! Birth report: Our first surprise of the morning! Beth and Carly discovered this one when feeding, and then discovered Beatrix's. it was quite a busy morning! These two girls had all of us fooled- no change in the udder, no signs WHATSOEVER. Fortunately, they are both knowledgeable moms. A quick clean up of the stalls, a dunk of the umbilicus, a warmed enema and the foals are good to go. We will keep an eye on them just to be sure all is OK. IgG's looked good. This filly is a dish-faced beauty. We are anxious to see how the three new foals move!

SOLD! Congratulations to Keri Damsgaard of MD!

Inspection and Show Results

I can't believe we still have this fun mare to ride who looks like a feminine Mini-Me version of her sire! FOR SALE: New Video 12-17-12

Video from 10-9-12: We took Fhortune Cookie and World Class to a schooling dressage show on 3-17-12. It was Cookie's second time off the farm, first time in a dressage ring, second time in a horse trailer. Cara did a great job riding both of them. Cookie did great outside in the warmup. In Training level test one, she won the class with a 67.917%, In training level test 3, she won the class with a 70.4% with eight 8's. What a good couple of young horses they were! Cookie has been off the property for a young horse lesson with Scott Hassler. She travelled like a pro and was really well behaved despite the deer in the headlights look in her eyes the first few minutes in their HUGE riding hall. She was a Premium Foal at her GOV inspection in 2008 and in 2011 she was entered into the main mare book with excellent scores. At the same time, she completed the Mare Performance Test with a final score of 6.83. She had been cantering under saddle for only one week at the time of the test! She will be perfect for the smaller lady rider for dressage or perhaps hunter????

Hi Mo! Took Cookie to her first clinic today and she was amazing! She put not a foot wrong, from getting onto the trailer, to hanging out in her stall, to riding in the indoor. She had about 20 on-lookers and many admirers inquired about her after she was done. They couldn't believe we had only had her for a bit over a week. And I most certainly told them where she came from and passed along your name. You may get some emails or phone calls about horses you have available. Again, thank you for helping make Cookie a possibility for us. She certainly made a dream come true today. Without the care and time you put into your young horses none of this would be possible for me. :) Keri

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