Rolling Stone Farm I EM Rhussia 2008 foal
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EM Rhussia 2008 foal  
Oldenburg Colt  
sire   Hotline      
dam   EM Rhussia Rotspon/Armin
Color:    Date of Birth:   May 8 2008

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poor baby!

Instead of moving forward while laying down, Rhussia slammed backwards into the stall wall as she was laying down with this colt partially out. His leg was broken with a loud crack that will haunt me for many years. Beth and I delivered him, then gave him enough pain medicine and tranquilizer that he was pretty out of it until the vet arrived to euthanize him. He was a beautiful black colt with a small star. Rhussia's placenta passed right away. I surmise that she was having an extra strong contraction that caused her to lay down the way she did. My poor sweet baby.... 

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