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Lheo with Wendy, his happy new owner

5-5-12 2

Lheonidas- 4-17-12

Lheonidas- 2 y.o. 1

Lheonidas- 2 y.o. 2


trot 1


Lheonides 5-13-08 1

Lheonidas 6-3-08 1
Lheonidas "Lheo"  
Hanoverian Gelding  
sire   Loerke      
dam   Beatrix Bruderherz/Lemon xx
Color: Black   Date of Birth:   May 7 2008

Suitability: Dressage, Hunter
Video: Yes    Markings:  small spot of white on LH coronet 
Breeder: Owner:

He is so sweet and uncomplicated to ride

April 2012: OK, so here's the story on Lheo.  

We had him green broke in early spring of 2011. I had a buyer for him. She did a pre purchase exam on him where the flexions and everything was fine. On x ray a small chip on his left hock was found and the buyer decided not to take him (she bought another horse from us). We were busy, stall space was at a premium since it was foaling season, and we had 10 mares to prepare for the mare performance test. Lheo's surgery was pushed off until early 2012. He of course was sound the whole time, and has recovered 100% from the surgery. Now we have time to put him back under saddle. Of course he has been easy-peasy. This video is after about two weeks of riding under saddle again. At least we know the radiographs are fine now..... Lheo is very tall, with an uphill appearance and movement. He is really super- beautiful and a very good mover. Reasonable priced because he is a colt and I can't keep them all. He received good comments at the AHS inspection regarding his correct conformation and his very good movement. He is very laid back and sweet in his personality. Birth report: Beatrix gave NOT ONE sign that she was going to foal, that Sneak! Beth and Carly found him while feeding in the morning. Beatrix is very proud of herself... This is a VERY TALL, totally BLACK colt, who looks very correct. First turn out for the three new foals is tomorrow. We can't wait!

SOLD! Congrats to Karen Giordano of ME!

Lheo is continuing to train at an age-appropriate level. He is doing leg yields, counter canter loops, shoulders in and beginning haunches in. He is show ring ready. Here is the most recent video of him:

Oct. 2013 I had a request for a video of Lheonidas free jumping so here it is. He had not done any free jumping for months, but this is what a good character he is:

He went to a recognized horse show, his first time off the property since last year. He did first level for the first time and got a 62.8% at first level test 2. He had just a few baby bobbles, but overall, he was super. FOR SALE New video from 7-1-13:

Owner Comments

Lheo went his first dressage show with his new owner and they are excited to report that he won both of his classes! Karen LOVES him!

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