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Ghoody u-s

Ghood n' Plenty 2 y.o. 2

Ghood n' Plenty 2 y.o. 1

Ghoody- trot 1

Ghoody- from behind

Ghoody- head 1

Ghoody- trot 2

Ghoody- from front

Ghoody- trot 3

Ghood n' Plenty 6-3-08 1
Ghood n' Plenty "Ghoody"  
Oldenburg Gelding  
sire   Gold Luck      
dam   Anike Archipel/Askan
Color: Chestnut   Date of Birth:   May 21 2008


Suitability: Dressage, Hunter, Jumper
Video: Yes    Markings:  Blaze, three  
Breeder: Owner:

A full brother to award winning EM Ghamma Ray and EMC Ghenoa

Another prospect now going under saddle! 

Birth report: A nice healthy baby boy with a beautiful head and correct legs arrived this morning. He is of medium height, and is a typical Gold Luck. He moves with an active hind leg and a free shoulder. If he jumps like his two full sisters, that will be awesome!Videotaped in the middle of winter. Please excuse the dirt and hair.

SOLD! Congratulations to Ron Wardell of Lititz, PA!

FOR SALE: It amazes me that this reasonably priced horse has not sold yet. This is the horse to do everything with- a little jumping, cross country, dressage, 4-H or Pony Club. He is schooling age appropriate things like counter canter, leg yields, and shoulders in. He never needs to be lunged, and comes out every day ready to work. Here is a recent video:

June 2013 New videos of Ghoody at home and at a schooling dressage show 5/28/13, his first time off property since last year. He did training level test 2, second place with a 62.679% and training level test 3 with a 65.6%, first place. What a good boy! look at the kicked -in gaits he has developed!

Ghoody is an amatuer rider's dream. He comes out every day, ready to go to work, is uncomplicated and never takes a wrong step. He is a good mover, he shows some jumping talent. Someone will have a good time with this horse! Here is a recent video from 12-6-12:
08/2012 Video of Ghoody doing free jumping for the first time ever:

Video of Ghoody's first off the farm clinic with Scott Hassler on 5-23:

Foal Inspection Comments: Ghoody showed a bit lazily on the day of the GOV inspection. He is really long legged, and should mature taller than his two full sisters, EM Ghamma Ray and EMC Ghenoa. He is very correct and has an uphill neck set. I am betting he will jump like crazy!

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