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Whitman 6-3-08 1

Whitman 6-3-08 2
Oldenburg Colt  
sire   Welcome S      
dam   EM Acapella Arrian/Pablo
Color: Bay   Date of Birth:   May 29 2008

Suitability: Dressage
Video:     Markings:   
Breeder: Owner:

boy, was I surprised at the movement this colt had!

OK, I admit, after 25 foals, I wasn't paying much attention to the later ones that were born. When I brought him into the round pen to show him to Carrie, Whitman put on a show that was amazing! What a super mover. I was so surprised- not because I didn't think he had it in him, but that I hadn't seen movement from him from lack of looking at him. I am often surprised like this...Carrie will train him herself, and she has high hopes for him that I think will be realized for her. 

number 24 has arrived! Whitman looks like a masculine version of Whaffle, his full sister from last year. He is very tall, with just a hint of white at a hind foot. He has a huge canter stride and his trot is uphill with just a little bit of knee.

SOLD! congratulations to Carrie and William MCCausland!

Owner Comments

Mo, We just picked up Whitman this evening. He is now gelded, since he was going to be out anyway. All of the people at the clinic remarked on how well mannered he was and easy going. The damage to his nose should just be a small scar and bump. He will be on stall rest for two weeks, but otherwise will be fine and back to normal. He looks very pathetic with his face covered in a bandage. Carrie

11/2008 Mo, Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how Whitman is doing. He settled in upon arrival, nominated his pasture mate, an ancient gelding, as his new mother. Currently his best friend is a yearling that boards with us. Whitman has been a lot of fun. For the most part he is very quiet and laid back, with a bit of a stubborn streak, and he is just enough of an imp to keep him entertaining and not too dull. He is growing like a weed and seems to be enjoying the winter and snow. I will try and get some pictures of him in the snow to you soon. Take care and Happy Holidays! Carrie McCausland

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