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Chalupa 1 jump

Chalupa 4

Chalupa 7 ribbon

Chalupa 5 canter

Chalupa 3

Chalupa 2

Chalupa 6 test rider

Chalupa May 2010 3

Chalupa- 8/31/07 1

Chalupa- trot 9-07 2
Oldenburg Mare  
sire   Cabalito      
dam   Whest Indies Wokentanz II/Renaissance
Color: Bay   Date of Birth:   May 14 2007

16.3 h

Suitability: Dressage, Hunter, Breeding
Video: Yes    Markings:  star, faint white hairs between nostrils, LH pastern, RF pastern, RH pastern 
Breeder: Rolling Stone Farm Owner:

a beautiful filly

At the GOV Mare Performance Test at our farm on July 13th, Chalupa was placed in the Main Mare Book with a score of 7. In the Mare Performance test, she received an 8 for her free jumping and a 7.5 for the walk, 7 from the test rider for an overall score of 7.18. This placed her 4th among the 6 mares taking the test. 

Chalupa is one of the most pleasant, steady, comfortable horses to ride! She is perfect for the amateur rider to have fun on and complete successfully in the dressage or hunter ring.

SOLD! Congratulations to FEI rider, trainer and S judge Sue Mandas of OH!

new video taken 11-25-10

Chalupa is now under saddle and going great. She is fun to ride with three good gaits and super rideability. Here she is in the middle of winter, the week before being sent off to be broke. Check for video/photos when she returns to be sold under saddle in a few months. If she doesn't sell, I plan on doing the Mare Performance Test for the GOV this summer.

Mo, I took Chalupa to her first show yesterday, just a one day evening schooling show. After a few hours of being a wild woman she settled in and once I was on her back she was all business. Went into a strange indoor she had never been in and put in a super test, scoring a 75% at Training 2. Next month we hope to make it to a recognized show. I have enjoyed reading your name in the press lately, I am sure there will be more to come! Sue Mandas

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