Rolling Stone Farm I Whasabi (the first one)
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Whasabi- 5 days old 1

Whasabi- 5 days old head close up

Whasabi- 2 days old 1

Whasabi- 2 days old 2
Whasabi (the first one)  
Hanoverian Colt  
sire   Welcome S      
dam   EM Alectra Armin/Akzent II
Color: Chestnut   Date of Birth:   May 4 2007

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Breeder: Rolling Stone Farm Owner:

A noble fight, lost in the end...

Whasabi got an infection in his shoulder joint, despite having an excellent IgG. I took him immediately to my friends at Mid Atlantic Equine Clinic in Ringoes, NJ. Despite three surgeries to drain and clean out the joint, and despite long term antibiotics and intensive nursing care, it was obvious that he was more and more in pain. I had the joint x rayed one last time. The infection had gone into the bone. He was humanely destroyed at one month old on 6/5. He was a sweetie through the whole thing. It broke my heart, but it was the only thing to do. We miss him terribly. 

Foaling report: Our second Welcome foal- a chestnut colt. Alectra had this foal in the afternoon while we were doing free jump practice, so our day was like this: help Alectra with the birth, treat the umbilicus, free jump a horse, give foal an enema, free jump a horse- you get the idea...We have named hi Whasabi. He is tall and leggy and BEAUTIFUL. So far, the movement is a little disorganized. I'll post updates on his movement after he figures out where his legs go. He is chestnut with a narrow blaze, 2 hind stockings and a tiny white spot over his left knee

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