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Galena LVDA recog. show trot #1

Galena LVDA recog show canter

Galena and Cindy at the LVDA recog. show

Galena LVDA recog. show trot #2

Galena LVDA recog. show trot #3

Galena LVDA recog. show trot #4

Graptolite- head
Hanoverian Mare  
sire   Gold Luck      
dam    by Pik Bube
Color:    Date of Birth:  

Suitability: Dressage
Video:     Markings:   
Breeder: Cindy Canace, NJ Owner: Cindy Canace, NJ


Show Results

Galena and Cidy are 5th in the ESDCTA year end awards for first level (rider shown above 2nd level), senior. Congratulations!

We met up with Cindy and Galena at the LVDA Recognized Dressage Show on August 20, 2006. She did really well at the show. In first level test 4, she had a few bobbles and still managed a 62.7%. In First Level test 3, she rallied and received a 71.7%. I got some great photos of the two of them!Congrats to Cindy Canace of NJ on her success with Galena! They were the ESDCTA Training Level Champions!Dressage at Middlesex 6/21-22/05 T1 - 2nd place 68.182% T1 - 2nd place 63.636% T2 - 1st place 75.000% T2 - 1st place 69.231% T2 - 1st place 71.154%

Owner Comments

Hi Mo! sure was great to see you today and "catchup"...I have been meaning to call you for the longest time, but have been doing so much traveling with the judging...well, you know...anyway after her debacle in that first test (which turned out to still be a respectable 62.7%!) Galena redeemed herself in First 3 with Anita Owen...and got a 71.7%...Anita LOVED her! Also, I found a head shot of Graptolite (by Gold Luck out of my Thoroughbred mare)...he was probalby only 4 at the time, but he basically looks the same...that baby face will probably look the same at 20! God willing! Anyway, his stats are: TR1 62.27% and TR2 69.23% and that was at Applewood Farm...then yesterday he went to Hawk Hollow and did a TR2 with 72.69% and TR4 71.15%...those were his first shows ever. I am in heaven that he has made it into the show ring! I will drop the picture in the mail to you tomorrow...I am sure Sue won't mind if you use, as long as you give her credit. Talk to you soon...I will check your website to see the current to you soon. Cindy

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