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Gabri L 2006

Gabri L as a foal

Gabri L
Gabri L  
Hanoverian Filly  
sire   Gold Luck      
dam   Adelaida (Armin)
Color: Bay   Date of Birth:   2004

Video:     Markings:   
Breeder: Bae Prid Farm Owner: Jane Pipkin


2004 Bay filly by Gold Luck.

Owner Comments

Hello friends,

Gabri L has spent her 1/2 - 2 1/2 years of age (it occurs to me that she is just 2 1/2 years old this week) at two different farms mostly out 24/7 but also coming into her own stall regularly at various intervals to be handled or because of weather, etc. The highlight of her fifteen months at her recent farm was Australian Shephards who were trained to herd with a variety of sheep and ducks (and a guard lama). The sheep and lama were frequently out in the same pasture as the young horses. One day Gabri L and her buddy had great fun chasing the lama! The pasture also circled two sides of the outdoor riding ring, and Gabri L and her buddy would hang out and watch horses being ridden. She has always been wonderful with other animals, including the dogs. That was some excellent environmental training for her.

Sensing that her mind was ready for more stimulation, I moved her to a big horse farm October 6. There are 30 horses and ponies at her new farm. It is a relaxed and fun place with very professional care and conscientious riding and training. There are run-in sheds in some of the paddocks and she has her very own stall. She and her thoroughbred gelding neighbor are quite smitten with each other. It is nice for me because my other horse is there also. Pik Rally went over in the 2-horse trailer to pick her up. After not having been in a trailer for 15 months (and maybe never in a 2-horse?) she once again loaded like a pro. Good girl!

She is a pleasure to behold - her coat, markings, her personality/temperament (curious, sensible, sensitive, confident, fun/joyous). I feel very fortunate to have discovered this horse from the ad Pat placed in Hunter and Sport Horse Magazine before she was weaned. (I don't even subscribe to that one; my housemate had borrowed it!) This horse has always been wonderful to handle: confident but sensitive to people. Very rarely has a reprimand or strong aidbeen necessary, and I've been very careful to follow everything with light aids and "good girls" and pats. Even though she is at a big horse farm, I make sure she is still out a lot and gets plenty of exercise. She loves the other horses and has always gotten along well with them being neither overly alpha and definitely not overly submissive.

I was so right about her mind being ready for more stimulation, and it is wonderful seeing her interact with the other horses and learn to interact with people better and better. She is learning so much just from how the other horses behave, watching them get groomed, being handled several times a day, and in general being in a more stimulating environment. My goals for this year have been to introduce her to the saddle and bridle, stand in crossties for bathing/grooming and just standing longer without attendance, reinforce show-quality in-hand work learned earlier, introduce her to a blanket and clippers and whatever else seems worthwhile. (It was a little hard for me to work with her at the farm she just left so I'm behind on the saddle and bridle part, but she sacked out really well even a year ago.) I put a fly-sheet on her for the first time last week, and that was no big deal at all. Good girl. I want to get her a turn-out sheet for winter this year.

I work with her about two times a week for maybe 5 to 20 minutes depending but I get to say hello and check in on her a lot more. The coolest thing is the first time I chased her around the indoor I got her to join up with me (magical, right). We've done that a couple more times, and it's fun for both of us, but it's not something I want to do too often at this point. She 16 hands and still growing, so I'm going to take it easy on her joints for a long time. It wouldn't surprise me if she finishes at 16'3 hh or more; she just continues to grow very steadily. She doesn't move like a "big" horse, much too quick and coordinated and knowing where her body is.

We know she is a DRESSAGE prospect. Today I put a low jump pole, and WOW! She took it from a standstill. I didn't see how tight the knees and lower legs tucked up because I was watching that head extend, those shoulders come up, and that hind end push. (I think the knees were pretty even though.) When she was following me around after, I walked some tighter turns, and she very handily walked that inside hind leg across and under. The basic trot is still a medium to extended trot, such relaxation and about a 6 inch overstep at least. The canter is wonderfully balanced and uphill. I think she steps under nicely with her hind legs in the canter. I don't get to see her canter much still, because she covers so much ground in the trot. I joke that she will do her cantering across an open field! She still has those floating gaits, and she has been catching everybody's eye. She has great feet, so my farrier says.

I feel very privileged to be the caretaker of this lovely being who appears to be quite happy that I am her special person. It is so exciting watching her grow in all dimensions. Those of you who know me know that I do not have an "ego" perspective with my horses, simply a joy in our partnership and a commitment to take care of their bodies, minds, and feelings and enjoy their company and engaging in mutually-beneficial sporting and relaxing activities. I hope you enjoy the pictures. (Sorry the files are so big; I got a new computer and do not yet have a program to reduce picture size.)


Jane Pipkin

Gabri L jumps! Gabri L is out with the big girls now. She is growing but still in proportion. The picture shows she may have inherited Gold Luck's jumping talent. This is the gate she jumped, from the downhill side where we're standing. It was about 4 inches higher when it was on the hinges. Afterwards we took it down. She was turned out with one or two horses but the pony she likes was on the other side of the fence. Mo, I love your website!!! It's so nice to see how the get are doing and also all of the foals out of each mare. Can't wait to see the 2005 foal pictures. --Jane Pipkin

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