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(Hugh Bellis-Jones photo)
EM Gaudenzia  
Hanoverian Mare  
sire   Gold Luck      
dam   Angelina (Absatz)
Color: Chestnut   Date of Birth:   2002


Suitability: Dressage, Breeding
Video:     Markings:   
Breeder: Owner: Kathryn Miller

2002 Chestnut Mare by Gold Luck. 

Inspection and Show Results

BIG NEWS! EM Gaudenzia is named the USDF Horse of the Year for training level for 2008 with an average score of 78.4%.

This also places her first for the AHS All Breeds Award. She is also 9th in the USDF Horse of thre Year ranking for First Level, with an average score of 73.956% (4th for AHS All Breeds Award). WOW! Congratulations to her proud rider, Olivia Chapeski and her breeder, Jane Byard. Gaudenzia received her Elite Mare title by having a foal in 2006. Congratulations! Gold Luck is a proud grandfather! In 2005, Gaudenzia, by Gold Luck out of an Absatz mare received 7.5 for jumping and an 8 for rideability, finishing 5th in the running for the AHS Dr. Hartwig Prize - right behind our own Ghamma Ray.

Owner Comments

Hello! I was researching my horse and her sire (Gold Luck) and came across a page on your website where people had written letters to keep in touch with you guys regarding their horses. I now own Gaudenzia (technically my father does, I suppose, but she is in full training with me). We've had her for about a year and after some retraining of connection problems (what a long lovely neck she has that likes to crink up like an accordian!) and an undeveloped canter, she has turned into what I consider a "horse of a life time". Tess, as we call her, has been to two shows now in the Northwest and at both shows had the highest scores of the show under four different judges. Her training level median so far is a 78% and her first level median is a 77%. My goal is to make her Horse of the Year, wish us luck! She is such a phenomenal mare. I've never ridden anything so level headed, composed, kind, clever, willing. She is entirely unflappable, loves to show off, I've never had any kind of naughty moments on her, nothing could be improved about her personality (other than her irrational fear of clippers!). To top it all off she has three strong, uphill, elastic, cadenced gaits... she's just fabulous. Just wanted to let you guys know that one of Gold Luck's babies is taking the Northwest low level show scene by storm! Thank you and wish us luck on our Horse of The Year bid! -Olivia Chapeski of Chapeski Stables, Florence, Montana

My name is Kathryn Miller. Marion O'Connor said she spoke to you about my mare. This is a picture of her from the MPT in August. She receved a 7.5 The only thing the judges did not like is that she was only 16 hh. I think she is perfect. I was so happy that Erika my 17 year old neighbor was able to take her. I have been nursing a sick husband for 11 years, and he probably only has 2 to 3 months left. So I just could not leave him. Erika did a beautiful job riding her, but she is an eventer, and she could have probably picked up a few more tenths if I had ridden her. Any way Here is a picture of her. She is now 3 months in foal to Weltmeyer. Foal due June 15. She has the best temperment. Nothing botheres this mare. My 11 year old gelding gets his panties in a wad 100 more times than she does. She is a Gem and I love her dearly. I got her from Jane Byard in Missoula. She is also a good person. Katy

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