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Ghranada- 2010

Ghranada- LVDA schooling show 6-07

Ghranada- jumping lesson at Hilltop 8-07 1

Ghranada- jumping lesson at Hilltop 8-07 3

Ghranada free jumping at MAHB- 8 & 9 for scores!

Ghranada- trot at MAHB MPT

Ghranada- canter at MAHB MPT

Ghranada- MAHB Show

Ghranada- MPT trot #1

Ghranada- MPT canter #1
EM Ghranada "Nada"  
Hanoverian Mare  
sire   Gold Luck      
dam   EM Alectra (Armin-Absinthe/AkzentII/Polacca)
Color: Chestnut   Date of Birth:   2001

15.3 hands

Suitability: Dressage, Hunter, Jumper, Breeding
Video: Yes    Markings:  Blaze, 4 high stockings 
Breeder: Rolling Stone Farm Owner: Rolling Stone Farm

Winner of the MAHB free jumping high score trophy and a new EM with the birth of her foal by Shakespeare on June 14, 2009!

At the MAHB HN inspection and MPT 11/5 & 6/ 2006, she was re-inspected and received a score of 7.14 and was performance tested where she received a 7.61, the second highest score (right behind Whindlass). On her inspection, she received 8's for forelegs and correctness of gaits, 6's for saddle position and frame and all other scores were 7's. In her mare performance test, she received an 8 and a 9 for the free jumping, 7.5 for rideability, 7 for walk and canter, and 6.5 for the trot. We think she will make a super riding horse for a junior or smaller adult who wants to do jumpers or dressage. 

Foal report: She was named as one of the top fillies at the PA AHS inspection as a foal. She was sold as a foal, but her owner found she was overwhelmed with two (she also bought Ghuatamala), so in 2006, we bought her back as an unbroke 5 year old. She was going under saddle doing walk and trot in the indoor and cantering in the round pen after only three weeks of under saddle training. She is as uncomplicated as they come, and has not made a bad move. She is a super mover with the very active hindquarter that we see in the Gold Luck offspring over and over. She is free in the shoulder and wants to please and have a job to do. She has been free jumped and shows very good form.

Client Listing Congratualtions to Jeannette LeRoux of VA!

Show Results

Looking Glass Farm Schooling Show 6/13/10 ridden by Natalia Martin- Training level test 3- first place 63.6% Training level test 4 first place, show high score- 69.6% VADA/NOVA recognized show at Morven Park 9/11/10 Opportunity Training level test 2- first place- 70.357%

Ghranada has sold to my good friend Jeannette LeRoux. Ghranada is a mare to have fun on, and we are looking forward to hearing all about their times together. Congratulations!8/22/07 Ghranada went to a jumping clinic at Hilltop Farm in August 07. Richard Malmgren took these photos of her then. Thanks to Tiffany who is always game to jump my horses under saddle, even though dressage is more to her liking! Also see the photo taken at the schooling dressage show in June. It just arrived in the mail. We took both Ghranada and Whindlass to a local dressage schooling show on June 10th, 2007. Ghranada behaved wonderfully in the warm up ring. It was her very first time in a dressage ring with the low ring fence and the judge under a tent. She was a pro! In her first test- training level test two, she got a second place and a 64.64%. In her second time in the ring, she did training level test 4 and got a first place with a 70.0%. She received an 8 for gaits. This score was the high score of the whole show! We got pretty busy preparing two colts for licensing and two other mares for the MPT, so we haven't shown since. I think she can easily be ready for recognized shows. All we have to do is find the time! She is consistently working in a first level frame now. Jan. 2007: We took Ghranada to my friend's hunter barn so she could be schooled over really bright jumps that were covered with flowers and in all different shapes. She was unbelievable! With no lunging, she went in the ring and jumped every fence like a pro with great form- knees up and round bascule. She loved it, and we enjoyed the break from regular ring schooling. I got video of it, if anyone wants to see it. Nada will make a super junior horse. She has a long stride, is quiet, has the movement and has the look over jumps, and is safe as can be. Her form and scope in free jumping is coming through under saddle, as expected. In the fall of 2006 at the MAHB Mare Performance test, she was winner of the MAHB free jumping high score trophy and is now a new EMC!

Owner Comments

Ghranada had a beautiful colt in 2009, allowing her to achieve her elite status. Since being weaned, she has been back in work, training with a professional (first/second level). Her first show back since "motherhood" she scored 69.6% and was high score winner of the show, view that test below as well as a clip of her free jumping just a few days later. Nada went to her first licensed dressage show on 9/11/10 and won her class with a fabulous 70.357%!! This mare is extremely athletic and talented, not one to miss! $28,500.00

Rolling Stone Farm I Foals

Shindig "Digger"  
2009 Hanoverian Gelding  
 Shakespeare RSF      
 EM Ghranada Gold Luck/Armin
Now under saddle and what a mover! 
SOLD! Congratulations Debbie Higgins of MD!