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Ghardener- 2010 Region 8 finals 1

Ghardener- 2010 Region 8 finals 2

Ghardener- first show Grand Haven 6/6-8/08 1

Ghardener- first show Grand Haven 6/6-8/08 2

Ghardener- first show Grand Haven 6/6-8/08 3

Ghardener as yrlg 1

Ghardener and Sharon

The boys!

Inspection trot

Ghardener and Ghlenlivet
Hanoverian Gelding  
sire   Gold Luck      
dam   Whest Indies (Wolkentanz)
Color: Chestnut   Date of Birth:   May 24 2005

Video:     Markings:  Star, snip, 3 stockings 
Breeder: Rolling Stone Farm Owner: Sharon Lewis of Newbury, OH

After waiting a week with no turn out to preserve her occasionally dripping milk, after tripping the birth alarm countless times in the middle of the night by laying down to sleep, and after we were fairly convinced she was NEVER going to have it, Indy popped out a colt this morning without tripping off the alarm. She probably had it standing up. My guess is she had it around 2 am. Jim and I were outside breeding a mare with frozen semen from midnight to 1am, and when we went bed, she was calmly looking at us, eating hay. He seems healthy, despite his covert birth. He is tall, chestnut, star and snip and three white legs. We have named him Ghardener.  

He already has suspension in the trot and shows a real sit down behind.

SOLD! Congrats to Sharon Lewis of Willoughby, OH!

Show Results

As of mid Sept.2011, Sharon and Ghardener results: 2nd place Second Level Freestyle American Hanoverian Society 2nd place Second Level Musical Freestyle Challenge - USDF 5th place Second Level AA American Hanoverian Society 8th place Second Level Freestyle - USDF 11th place Second Level Open American Hanoverian Society 17th place Dover Award - USDF 52nd place Second Level AA C USDF 25th place Second Level Open C USDF

9/23/2010 At the Region 8 Dressage Championships in Saugerties, N.Y., September 15-20. Ghardener won the Regional Championship for First Level Adult Amateur with a score of 70.132%! They also placed third in the Second Level Freestyle with a score of 67.813%. Congratulations Sharon and Ghardener! See her owner's comments. 11/2009 At the Region 1 USDF Finals in Lexington, VA, Ghardener was third in his GAIG Training level, AA class with a 68.4%. He was 4th in a First Level test 4 AA qualifying class with a 65.789%, and 3rd in GAIG First Level AA with a 69.737%. Congratulations, Sharon! 7-2008 Ghardener went to his second horse show where he won training level test 2. See Sharon's latest email.W ell, after a 15 year hiatus from riding, Sharon took Ghardener to his very first horse show, his very first time off the farm. He got two 4th place ribbons and was generally a very good boy. Sharon is thrilled with how well he handled everythig. I bet she has the showing bug now!

Owner Comments

Hi Mo,
Attached are some photos of Ghardener and I from the Region 8 Finals. I also have links to two of our finals classes.

This link is to the First Level Championship, which we won!

This link is to my musical freestyle. We placed third.

Have a great day,

Hi Mo,
I thought it was about time I sent you an update on Ghardener! We attended the Region 8 Dressage Championships in Saugerties, N.Y., September 15-20. Ghardener is now the Regional Champion for First Level! We also placed third in the Second Level Freestyle.

Here are our results:

GAIG/USDF First Level Adult Amateur Champion: 70.132%
GAIG/USDF Second Level Freestyle Third Place: 67.813%

So I guess hes finally following in his big brother Ghlens footsteps!

Hope all is well,
Sharon and Ghardener

Video of Second Level Freestyle at the NODA Dressage Encore Show earlier this summer:

7/2008 Hi Mo,
Hope all is well! I'm sure you're swamped with the inspections. Looks like things are going great for you with all of the babies!

I wanted to check and see if you ever received the new photos I sent of Ghardener, Ghlen and Rhavel. I have had some issues sending out photos lately and I thought maybe they never got to you. If you'd like me to resend them I will. Our farm's "official" photographer (my boyfriend Mark) really got some nice shots of all three horses.

I know you heard how well Ghardener did at his second show. I'm so proud that he won his Training Level 2 class! He's doing such a great job in his training and he tries so hard! Even when he's scared and doesn't want to enter the ring, as soon as he's in he's mostly all business -- except for when he takes off in the canter...but we're working on that! We have one more show on Aug. 9 & 10, and I'm hoping we'll come home with at least one more blue. Then his first official show season is over and we have so much to look forward to next year!

But I've had multiple people come up and ask if he's a Gold Luck baby, and no one can believe that he's only 3 years old and is behaving so well. People also can't believe he's only 3 and is already 17 hands.

Lastly, I don't know if this is something you can change. But you have me listed in Willoughby, OH. I have moved to Newbury, OH, and was wondering if you could change that at some point?

Anyway, hope all is well, and good luck with all of the babies!
Sharonharon was so excited. She had a 62% at tr-2. He has been so good. He is
turning out to be very nice.

I hope all the inspections have gone well. I'll talk to you soon. Nancy
Hi Mo,
Hope all is well at Rolling Stone Farm and I hope you had a great 4th of July holiday. Just wanted to give you a Ghardener update. He's getting sooo big! At a little over 13 months, his withers are already 15 hands (but his haunches are 15.1). I put a bridle on him this past weekend just to see what he'd do. While he probably didn't like it, he was very good and tolerated it quite well. He's a great baby! He's even learning to lunge and is amazingly good at it.

Talk to you soon. Take care,

Hi Mo,
I just realized I never sent you the pictures I took of Ghardener on Christmas Eve. He's getting so big, I can't believe it! He's so much like Ghlen (he'll lick your hand for a half hour if you let him) and both the vet and shoer are amazed at how well-behaved he is (of course it's probably because I give him soooo much attention!). He's even already had a saddle on his back (we just wanted to see what he'd do) and I wrapped his front legs too. Of course he didn't care...what a good baby.

- - - - - - -
Hi Mo,
Here are some pictures of Ghlenlivet and Ghardener playing in the pasture yesterday. Ghlen is a wonderful big brother. They seemed to really like one another.

Take care,

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