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Ghourmet 1-08 trot

Ghourmet 1-08 canter


12 mos trot

12 mos pose

Inspection Trot

Inspection Trot 2

Julia at 10mos with buddy Jewel

Day 1

Brand new!
Ghourmet "Julia"  
Hanoverian Filly  
sire   Gold Luck      
dam   EM Whitney Q (Weltbekannt/Leibniz/Bolero/Wendekreis)
Color: Light Bay   Date of Birth:   April 20 2005

Suitability: Dressage, Breeding
Video:     Markings:  Large star and snip, 4 white stockings 
Breeder: Rolling Stone Farm Owner: Sandra Werkheiser, Northampton, PA

Under saddle and Sandy reports that she is wonderful to ride


Foal report: Whitney had a filly at 8:30 pm. She is bay with 4 white socks and with a really neat large star on her forehead and a large snip on her nose. She is Whitney's prettiest one so far, and shows fabulous uphill elastic movement to equal her successful full siblings! Also looks to have her dam's huge walk which received a 9 at her MPT. We have named her Ghourmet -Julia, as in Childs, for short.

SOLD! Congratulations to Sandy Werkheiser, Northampton PA!

Here is a video taken after 45 days under saddle, still at the horse breaker's barn:

Owner Comments

Hi Mo, I was really happy with Julia (for her first ever clinic off the farm for a clinic with Rick Klaassen) - she was a v.g. girl for the lesson. I think she's just going to need time to grow into herself and she's going to be really fun. At least she doesn't still look like a yearling like she did when she went to Kelly's (to be broke to saddle). :-)

02/08 Hi Mo: Finally got brave enough to get the camera and take some pictures of Julia (Ghourmet - Gold Luck-EM Whitney/Weltbekannt) today. She's still really butt high and kinda plump so the movement comes and goes. I think I took 200 pics and got 1 decent one and about 5 others to keep. :-) I have scrubbed and bagged her tail for the winter and she's getting furry. May the swan emerge next spring! Sandy March 31, 2006 Just an update on Julia. She's doing great and is so big already! Almost 15.2H and not even a year old! She's so beautiful, even as a yearling. She's been a good girl and was super for the blacksmith and the vet last week. I turned her out in the big field and her trot was awsome! She usually canters everywhere so it was a real treat to see that lofty trot again! ~Sandy

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