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Dhirector at NEDA 2007 2

Dhirector at NEDA 2007 1

Dhirector 2 yo

Dhirector yearling #1

Dhirector yearling #2

Dhirector yearling #3


Inspection Trot

Inspection Trot 2
Hanoverian Gelding  
sire   De Laurentis      
dam   EM Giadonna (Gold Luck/Donnerhall/Pik Bube/Duft II)
Color: Bay   Date of Birth:   May 16 2005

Video:     Markings:   
Breeder: Rolling Stone Farm Owner: J. Kristi Conroy Hoff and Malcolm Hoff of Hilton, NY

Named Top Colt at the 2005 RSF Hanoverian Inspection!

Giadonna had a colt at 11 pm. He is really a beauty, with long legs that will mature into taller than mom. He is bay, with a really cool blaze that narrows on the bridge of his nose and goes down to his front lip. He has three low socks. We have named him Dhirector. 

SOLD! Congratulations to J. Kristi Conroy Hoff and Malcolm Hoff of Hilton, NY!

Owner Comments

Dhirector is off to be backed. He's doing well. He was super smart and willing for all the ground work that I did with him before he went. I can't wait to go see him under saddle.

1/03/2008 Hi Mo, I hope you are having a bit of a rest this winter. Things are going well here in snowy NY. Strange winter weather here...bitter cold right now but supposed to be near 60 in the next 7 days. I have attached a couple pictures of Dhirector from NEDA that I bought the internet rights to. I can't wait to start working with him in the next month or so. I'll send you some video in the spring. If you use these photos on your website please give credit to 7/30/2006 Hi Mo, I just wanted to let you know that Malcolm and I are planning a road trip to the stallion licensing and your inspection. If you need any help in any way at Hilltop(assuming your going with your boys) and especially the day of your RSF inspection we are at your service. I am attaching a pic of Dhirector that was taken earlier this year. He is filthy but you can see what a beautiful boy he is turning out to be. ...and sweet! Kristi Mo, Just wanted to say that your Gymbal looks sooooo nice. What a nice horse. Someone is going to be very lucky. I hope that you are surviving the mud! Dhirector is awesome! I'm trying to figure out how to stay away from your farm this spring....with all those babies due and such wonderful pairings that you have this year. When is your first one due? Maybe you shouldn't tell me............. Kristi

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