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Ghlycerine- 2006 Fair Hill Grand Champion

Ghlycerine- MPT 2006 #1

Ghlycerine- MPT 2006 jumping

Ghlycerine- MPT 2006 #2

Ghlycerine- MPT 2006 #3

2005 Inspection Champion - Proud breeder and owner!

Ghlycerine Trot


Ghlycerine- DAD 2005 conformation
EM Ghlycerine (2002-2007)  
Hanoverian Mare  
sire   Gold Luck      
dam   EM Whispre (Weltmeyer/Brentano II)
Color: Chestnut   Date of Birth:   2002

Suitability: Dressage, Breeding
Video:     Markings:   
Breeder: Rolling Stone Farm Owner: Kris Schuler, Fleetwood, PA

A Top Filly foal, Inspection Champion, and breed show champion! Now a new Elite Mare Candidate for Gold Luck!

At our AHS inspection, Ghlycerine was shown in the Mare Performance Test by her amateur owner. Despite an average jumping ability (2 6's), she received an overall score of 7.11 with 8's for canter and rideability. She has an ET foal coming by Pablo, so hopefully next year she will become an Elite Mare. Congrats to Kris! 

2005 Dressage at Devon results! Ghlycerine got a third in her class behind the Champion and Reserve mares. She then went on to a 5th place finish in the Cosequin finals after an unfortunate go. Darn! She won the Born in the USA award for three year old fillies, though! Top Filly out of one of our top-scoring mares, EM Whispre, we expect great things from Ghlycerine. Kristin showed her as a yearling with success at PVDA and Devon in 2003, with scores of 75% and above and swon her two year old fillies class with a 78.3% at the Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Show at Fair Hill, MD, Aug. 28. Judge was Dieter Felgendreher. She also won the Hanoverian class with a 78.6%.

Heartfelt sympathies to Kris Schuler of Fleetwood, PA on the loss of this outstanding mare.

Show Results

Ghlycerine is ranked 3rd in Horse of the Year for USDF Sport Horse Breeding in the Mature Horse- Maiden or Yeld mares. She is ranked 4th in Horse of the Year for 4 & 5 year old mare materiale. Congratulations, Kris and Ghlycerine! In the American Hanoverian All Breeds Awards, she is reserve champion USDF SHB Mature Horse- Mares with a median score of 79.25%.

Well, the weekend of August 19 & 20 was a good one for Rolling Stone Farm! Aside from Ghibralter's resounding victory at the LVDA recognized dressage show, Ghlycerine was victorious in a big way at the Fair Hill Dressage Sporthorse Breed Show. She was Show Grand Champion, mare champion, and was first in the mare materiale and second in the suitability on Sunday! Her score in hand was a realy high 82.05%, the highest in the show. She also was the recipient of the Born in the USA award!!!!! Morven Park Hot To Trot I and II Breed Shows 8/12 & 13/2006-
Ghlycerine and amateur rider/owner Kris Schuler were third both days in the Mare Materiale. In hand, she won her 4 yo class (scores of 79% and 79.5%) and was Mare Champion and Res Mare Champion.

Kris Schuler and Ghlycerine- 3rd in three-year-old fillies behind the Champion and Reserve mares, 5th in the Cosequin Finals and winner of the Born in the USA award for three-year-old fillies. Kris's other Gold Luck filly Ghalewind was fifth in the two-year-old fillies class.2005 Dressage at Lexington:
1st 3 year old fillies
Reserve Champion filly
USDFBC Cosequin qualified
Champion Young Horse
Grand Champion of Show
Winner of the Hanoverian IBC w/85% (7% higher than 2nd)
Winner of Hanoverian High Score award

Morven Park: June 8, 2005
3 yo filly class winner (78.8%) Arlene Ridgeon
Filly Champion
Young Horse Champion Arlene R/ Gail Hoff-Carmona
Grand Champion Arlene R/ Gail Hoff-Carmona
Hanoverian IBC class winner 79.7 Arlene R.
Hanoverian High Point winner

VADA/NOVA: June 9, 2005
3 yo filly class winner (75.1%) Carter Bass
Filly Champion
Young Horse Champion Carter B/ Arlene R
Grand Champion
Hanoverian High Point winner
I scratched her from the IBC, she was so tired :-)

Owner Comments


Just a quick update now. Ghlycerine just got back from the 2 day Morven Park Hot to Trot Show I and II. She was 3rd in the Materiale with a 78% and 79% (behind Willow Rose[in top 3 for Materiale in the US in 2005] and BW Callista[Hilltop Farm horse with lots of under saddle experience]) both days. The first day's class had 4 horses. The second day there were 7 horses (a Weltmeyer, Contucci, Sandro Hit, Gold Luck, Feurst Gotthard, Rienzi, ??don't remember). The 1st day class, we had to to lengthenings and sitting trot. The next day, (diff judge) everyone rode around in medium/lengthened gaits the whole time (Tami Glover from Hilltop warned me in advance as she rode in an earlier class both days). Glissy was great in the big group of horses. That says a lot for a mare who was at her first undersaddle show and never gets ridden with other horses in the arena in general. The majority of the riders were professionals, and this was my first Materiale class ever, so I was quite pleased.

In hand, she won her 4 yo class (scores of 79% and 79.5%) and was Mare Champion and Res Mare Champion. She was SOOOO tired though and really didn't show well by the Mature horse championship. She actually showed an excellent walk, but her trot didn't have the UMPF needed for the championship ring by that round.

Off to Fair Hill with her next weekend. I think it will help her that the in hand classes are on Sat and the under saddle Materiale is on Sunday. At Morven, the undersaddle classes were first thing, and by the in hand time she was pretty zapped. Also, I haven't mentioned to you, but Ghale was 2nd in her 3 yo filly class at Dressage at Lexington with a 74.3%. She was very good in the Championship ring too, but maybe next time we will qualify.

Hope you are well,

Hi Mo,

So do you have red, tired eyes yet with all the foals coming? I saw that you just had 2 new ones this weekend! Congratulations! 5 down, 20 to go?!

I just wanted to send you an update for the spring! First, we bred Ghlycerine once to Pablo and were able to retrieve an embryo on Saturday and transfer it to a recipient. So here's hoping that the recip catches in foal. This embryo is already "prepurchased" by my friend Dr. Sharon
Anderson (who you know!). Ghlycerine will be PG'd and bred the next cycle to Royal Prince (this will be my foal).

Second, I just started Glissy free jumping again. The last time she did it was 3 mos ago at Marilyn Murpy's and she was great, having a ball. However, I never really pushed the fences higher than 3'6" since I just wanted to keep building up her confidence. This weekend I decided to test her a bit. I raised the oxer up to 3'11". First time through at that height and she knocked the back rail lightly and it fell. So, I thought to myself, I could either lower the fence OR see how she handles herself at this height the next time through. I decided on the later. I could tell as soon as she jumped the cross rail that this was going to
be a good go! She jumped with her knees up to her eyeballs over the x-rail and when she jumped the oxer she looked JUST like the photo of GL on your web site! She EASILY cleared the 3'11" by about 8-10" with great bascule and tight, tight legs! Here legs looked like they were close to the top of my 5' standards. A dressage horse who can and likes
to jump! :-) Too bad it was only me doing the FJ and no one else there to take a photo. This was the first time I really saw her jump with such bascule and tight legs.

Also, I have been having Vicki Sher come to give me lessons on occassion. First time here, she was/is just in AWE of Glissy. She kept saying that "it is SO hard to believe she is just coming 4 year. What a great mind! So rideable and on the aids." She also felt that Glissy's under saddle gaits were a 9, 8, 8 for trot, walk, and canter! And this is with me (a true amateur) riding her. Pretty good commentary from an FEI competitor and L judge! I think that she will be ready for the MPT this summer! (and I would like to try and bring her by your place for
FJ and a lesson/ride sometime before the inspection to get her used to your place, if you don't mind).

Edgewood Meadow Farm- - - - - - - - - -
July 2005

Hi Mo,
Well, as I already told you by phone, Ghlycerine was a star yet again! What I did not tell you is that her USDF median score right now is a 79.6% If you average all her scores, including the IBC for Hanoverians, her average is 80.3%. Hopefully this would qualify her to receive a Hanoverian and/or USDF year end award.

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