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Shabrina NEDA Region 8 trot in hand

Shabrina NEDA Region 8 conf

MPT canter u-s

MPT conf outside

MPT jump

MPT trot free 1

MPT conf indoors

MPT trot u-s 1

Shabrina u-s 2

S 15 trot
Special Premium Candidate Shabrina  
Oldenburg Mare  
sire   Shakespeare RSF      
dam   EM Wyneth L Widmark/ Davignon
Color: Bay   Date of Birth:   June 5 2010


Suitability: Dressage, Hunter
Video: Yes    Markings:  none 
Breeder: Owner:

A gorgeous Premium Filly Foal and now awarded the title of Special Premium Candidate after her GOV mare inspection and the very good results of the Mare Performance Test


I love this mare, and I love this filly. She has bedroom eyes and uphill movement.

Foaling report: A really lovely filly born at 10 pm. Jim and I are so tired these days, the birth woke us up from an early night's bedtime. Shabrina is a vigorous filly that nursed right away and was running around the stall before we went back to bed. Very pretty, too!

For Sale

This is an FEI horse in training, now showing and winning at third level. The changes are now confirmed and she has even offered tempis down to twos. All of the lateral movements are good. She is sensitive and requires a tactful ride, so she is not for an untrained rider, but we feel she will have the high collection of passage and piaffe and we feel she will perform brilliantly to the top levels with a skilled rider. In 2016, she ended up in 3rd place for the USDF Year End standings for Four Year Old and Older Maiden and Yeld Mares with 80.150%. She was Champion in that division for GOV USDF All Breeds Awards. Her breed show results included: Maplewood Warmbloods I- Mare Champion (85.45%0, Mature Horse Champion, Reserve Grand Champion. Maplewood Warmbloods II- Mare Champion (80.15%), Mature Horse Champion. Region 8 GAIG/USDF mare Championship- third. We didn't show her in 2018, but that is not because she wasn't ready. With 17 horses to ride, we were a little busy! Half steps are coming along. New video April 10, 2019:

Jan 10, 2019:
June, 2018. Tempi changes are coming along!

Jan 23, 2018:
Recognized dressage show- 3rd level summer 2017:
Feb 2017:

Nov 2016: New video- fourth time in the double bridle:

Update June 2016: Shabrina went to a local schooling show on June 25 where she did third level for the first time in the ring. She was fabulous, got all of her changes and was a star, receiving the reserve high score for the entire show. Third 1- 68.939% and Third 3- 66.453%. Not too bad for a 6 year old! Updated video:

Update April 2016: Shabrina has confirmaed flying changes now and has even offered clean tempis down to twos!Shabrina is a gem under saddle and she keeps getting better and better. This mare can sit, she has an active hind leg and she has a very good rhythm in her gaits.Video from Feb. 2016:

At VADA/NOVA Summer Dressage Breed Show at Morven Park June 6th, 2014, Shabrina won her 4 year old and older Maiden mares
class (80.450%), the MARE CHAMPIONSHIP and RESERVE GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP. She also won the 3,4,5 year old Mare Materiale class with an 81.1%. Shabrina placed 2nd (79.6%) in the GOV Individual Breed Class with our own Dheputy placing 1st.

June 1, 2014 at the Bucks County Horse Park recognized dressage show II, Cara
Klothe rode Shabrina for her second time off the property and first time
in a dressage ring. The first test was full of baby bobbles, but she pulled
it together for their second test where they received 1st place with a
69.464%. Good baby girl!

Dressage at Stone Tavern II August 31:
Shabrina placed 1st in Maiden and yeld mares 4 y.o. and older
82.5%, then was named MARE CHAMPION, MATURE HORSE
CHAMPION!! Shabrina was also 2nd in the Materiale with a
At Dressage at Devon, September, 2014, Shabrina was 4th 80.45% in the Four
Year Old and Older Maiden Mares (the largest class of the show
with 24 entries), then a very tired Shabrina was 9th in the GAIG/USDF Mare Final and 8th in a class of 16 entries in the 4 year Old and Older Mare Materiale.

She did the Mare Performance Test at our farm in October 2013 where she received very good scores including 8 for the trot under saddle, and 7.5's for free trot, canter under saddle and rideability. She was awarded the title of Special Premium Candidate based on her MPT and inspection scores. We think she has improved quite a bit since then. Here is a recent video of her under saddle:
ecember 2013:

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