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Fhame MPT conf

Fhame u-s

Fhame MPT jump 1

Fhame MPT trot u-s

Fhame MPT canter u-s

Fhame MPT jump 2

Fhame 5

Fhame 4

Fhame 2

Fhame 3 days old 2
Oldenburg Mare  
sire   Fhitzgerald      
dam   EM Dhewpoint DiCaprio/ Monty
Color: Dark Brown   Date of Birth:   May 20 2010


Suitability: Dressage, Hunter
Video: Yes    Markings:  star, LH, RH socks 
Breeder: Owner:

Another Premium foal and the first Fhitzgerald foal born! Now under saddle

We really like the Fhitzgerald offspring under saddle 

New video 3-17-12

Fhame is long-legged and shows really good movement, especially in the walk and canter.
Fhame is really beautiful and it looks like she will have an unbelievable free shoulder- her movement is really extraordnary! Foaling report: Late in the evening of the same day that Whallis had her filly, another beauty was born.

SOLD! Congratulations to Brenda Zeitler of IL!

Brenda has had much success with Fhame in the show ring in 2014, showing and winning at training level multiple times with scores up to 74.286%.

Fhame has been a packer from day one. She is sweet, pretty, correct, and has rideability for a 12 out of 10. She has three good gaits and is a horse to have fun on. We love the Fhitzgerald offspring under saddle!

Owner Comments

Hi Mo,
I think Fhame has settled in well and is enjoying her new life and her new person! She has gotten her feet trimmed and a new "Fhame-sized" blanket and front boots. Otherwise, she has inherited an entire tack room full of possessions (smiles). She has several buddies for her daily pasture turnout and a nice 12 x 20 stall at night.
As for me, I love her more each day. As far as I can tell, she is just about unflappable, though certainly not lacking in energy and willingness to work. The barn where I board is a very active stable with lots of things going on. On Sunday, there was a mini horse in the arena, and I swear Fhame thought he was a tiny alien! She stared and stared at him, though no spooking or bad behavior (in fact, none at all, since she has arrived). And this just blows my mind. After I let her go have a closer look at the mini, she went back to work and was completely unconcerned.
I did learn something from the "mini" episode though. When I first brought her to the arena and started to ride, before I allowed her to check out the mini, she showed what she can really do with her trot. I didn't know it was in there. But wow! She has power and suspension to spare!!! I am thinking I might look into redoing her Oldenburg testing, if I can find a testing site within a reasonable drive, just for fun. Because even in the couple weeks she has been here, her gaits are developing.
I have also played with some of the natural horsemanship obstacles we have in the arena. And I can't find anything she won't try. I can ride her over the little wood bridge and she hops her front legs up on the pedestal as soon as she figured out what I was asking. I don't know which of your two "breakers" started Fhame, but they did a "fhantastic" job with the ground work!
I have a lesson this weekend with Terri. Will be our first haul-out from the barn and the first time Terri and Sherrie will meet her.
Since everything has gone so smoothly, I am going to go ahead and get her competition numbers and plan to sign her up for her first show in April. I am excited to have a horse I can compete with this year. I also have thoughts of doing a little bit of light hunter type jumping with her and maybe even taking her to a clinic where she can learn to work cattle. I did a little bit of that with my Widmark mare, and we both had so much fun with it. Of course, the cowboys thought I was crazy. Nice break from schooling dressage though. She doesn't need to school much at this level. She just needs to continue to build strength, which she can do on the trail and doing other fun things.
I am beyond thrilled with my new girl. My weight coach commented today about the smile on my face and how nice it was to see after months of gloom over Jupiter. I am glad I didn't try to find a horse to "replace" my Joopy but rather a new and different challenge. Fhame is very different from him in nearly every way. And she is rapidly pushing any remaining sadness right out of my mind.
If Fhame is typical of the Fhitzgerald offspring, then I would buy another one in an instant. I know that you have a well-earned reputation as a breeder; but if you ever need a recommendation, I would be happy to rave about your horses, and Fhame in particular. I would still love to have Ozzie or one like him some day. :)
Hope all is well at the farm. I look forward to seeing what naming theme you choose this year and hearing about the 2014 foals.

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