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Fhantasia- MPT trot free

Fhantasia conf

Fhantasia- trot u-s

Fhantasia- MPT trot u-s

Fhantasia- MPT canter u-s

Fhantasia- MPT jump

Fhantasia conf

Fhantasia 5

Fhantasia 1

Fhantasia 6
Oldenburg Mare  
sire   Fhitzgerald      
dam   Senorita Lancet/ Pinkus
Color: Dark Brown   Date of Birth:   June 11 2010


Suitability: Dressage
Video: Yes    Markings:  Star, snip LF, RF, LH socks 
Breeder: Owner:

Premium Foal and Foal of Distinction, now under saddle, inspected and mare performance tested.


New video 4-1 12
New video taken Jan 2011:

Look at the activity behind and the walk in this special foal. She is bred to the 9's for dressage. Lancet, Florencio, Weltmeyer- all FEI horses of renown- are in her pedigree. Her dam, Senorita had a hoof abcess the day of this taping- lots of dry weather followed by lots of rain caused it....
Foaling report: This is a really beautiful filly. Now Fhitzgerald has had three foals in three different colors- bay, chestnut and now dark brown. I sure am pleased with these first foals sired by Fhitzgerald!

SOLD! Congratulatioins to Tammy from FL who then sold her to her client Nancy!

Fhantasia has been winning in the dressage ring with her rider, Tammy Feldmann. In 2014, she competed in training level with scores up to 76% and also in first level with many wins and scores up to 77.9%! She was also competed at second level (as a five year old) with scores up to 69%.

Fhantasia was entered into the Main Mare Book of the GOV and successfully completed the Mare Performance Test. She is a lovely mover with a super good mouth that is steady in the contact. She sold to a professional dressage rider before I could put her video up on the website, but I include her here so you can see how good the Fhitzgerald offspring are under saddle.

Owner Comments

Tammy and Nancy report that Fhantasia was a star at her first horse show, Fox Lea in Venice, FL. She got a 71.6% and a 76% at training level, receiving the show high score at training level. Tammy rode her for Nancy and reports, "She is the best minded baby I have ever had and I have had a lot."

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