Rolling Stone Farm I EM Regalia PWF 2010 foal
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EM Regalia PWF 2010 foal  
sire   Welcome S      
dam   Regalia Royal Prince/Grundstein
Color: Chestnut   Date of Birth:   April 7 2010

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A heartbreaking story

Reggie gave no signs that she was going to deliver.  

I had a Birth Alarm on her and she was on our video cameras since I never trust a maiden mare. She gave birth quickly with the placenta following immediately. The colt appeared normal at first, but very very thin (pre-term???). During the night he crashed, having seisures and difficulty getting to his feet. He banged his head and eyes pretty good and showed signs of Dummy Foal syndrome. He never nursed on his own, and in fact, never really had a suck reflex. After tube feeding him by milking the mare every 2-3 hours round the clock for 6 days, plus giving meds and doing everything we could, it became apparent that he was sliding downhill. He was humanely put down at 6 days old. It was the right thing to do. Jim and I did all we could to save him, so we have that to comfort us. We are exhausted. Meantime we have delivered three healthy foals and bred four mares. John had to go with his mom (thanks, Deb!) to the Morven Park Dressage Horse Show with the two stallions without me being able to get off the farm. Life goeas on at RSF....

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