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Shampoo- MPT trot free 2

Shampoo- MPT trot free 1

Shampoo- MPT conf

Shampoo- MPT jump

Shampoo- trot u-s

Shampoo- MPT trot under saddle

Shampoo- MPT canter under saddle

S 9 trot

S conf from behind

S 13 trot
Oldenburg Mare  
sire   Shakespeare RSF      
dam   EM Giadonna Gold Luck/Donnerhall
Color: Bay   Date of Birth:   March 22 2010

16.1 1/2

Suitability: Dressage, Hunter
Video: Yes    Markings:  very small star, RH sock 
Breeder: Owner:

A Premium Foal, now mare performance tested and ready to enjoy and show. She has super rideability and a quiet temperament.


Birth report: It is fairly obviuos that Shampoo will be much taller than her mother. Giadonna's foals are always very rideable with an in your pocket personality, and Shampoo is the same way. Shampoo resembles her older sister, Sheyenne. She had a boo-boo on the inside of her left knee which has left a small patch of white hair. Shampoo is a real beauty- tall and leggy with an exquisite dishy face. Birth report: Shampoo was nice enough to wait to be born until after John and I took the two stallions all the way to Morven Park in VA for a schooling show in one day- a lot of driving!

SOLD! Congrats to her new owner in NC!

Shampoo is learning to carry herself and is coming more and more from behind where she is getting stronger by the day. Here is a recent video:

Shampoo comes out every day and offers a super rideability with no lunging necessary. She is a super riding prospect for the amateur lady rider. She was inspected and placed into the Main Mare Book of the GOV with mostly 7's and an 8 for her neck. She was performance tested as a green broke three year old with good scores and a good result. She has much improved since then- watch the videos. Hunter prospect???? Dressage prospect????

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